January 19th, 2010

NEW Savage m93 17 HMR Varmint/Tactical Rimfire

Savage Arms was well represented today at the SHOT Show’s “Media Day as the Range.” We saw and shot several new offerings from Savage (including a tactical rifle in 338 Lapua Magnum and a hunting weight 6.5-284). We’ll cover these centerfire Savages later this week. One of the new Savages we really liked was the model 93R17 TR, a slick little 17 HMR. It looks and feels like a full-sized centerfire tactical bolt-gun, it comes with an excellent stock and nice trigger, and it is both affordable and very accurate. (NOTE:v Savage is also offering 22LRs rimfires in the same stock, the MK II TR and TRR.)

This rifle features an all-new, texture-painted wood stock with a very sound “tactical” design. It is well thought out, with good ergonomics, and offers options and design details that most rimfires do not. The stock features a moderate beavertail fore-end, a fairly vertical grip and a shallow butt-hook at the rear for support using the non-shooting hand. The black textured paint is very similar to the black painted finish on McMillan stocks (notice the texture in the photo).

The “look and feel” of the model 93 TR is similar to the popular Rem 700 PSS, and that’s good news for tactical shooters. With the new m93 TR, you feel like you are shooting a full-size tactical rifle. It feels solid and comfortable. And this rifle features with an optional factory-installed picatinny rail — a very nice feature on a rimfire rifle. You can easily move your scope back and forth between the model 93 and a Picatinny equipped centerfire bolt-gun. The model 93 should prove very popular with shooters who want to train with an economical rimfire that has very similar ergonomics to a centerfire bolt gun. For training duties only you may prefer the 22LR version. But the 17 HMR would be our pick for a “working” varmint rifle.

With CCI hollowpoint 17 HMR ammo, the m93 proved very accurate — we hit everything we shot at with ease, even in rainy, gusty conditions. Targets were mostly clay pigeons at 50-100 yards; we could break a clay, then easily hit the smaller pieces. Clearly this gun can be a very effective short-range varminter.

Overall, we really liked the feel and ergonomics of this rifle. It is a good choice for those seeking a rimfire trainer that handles like an “adult-sized” centerfire rifle. We are confident this will make a great varmint rifle as well as a economical tactical trainer. Your Editor expects that this rifle will be a hot seller for Savage.

Savage m93 17 TR Specs: Cal 17HMR; barrel 21″; overall-length 40″; weight about 7.5 lbs.

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