March 31st, 2011

Lapua Loaded Ammo Sale at — Plus Garage Sale has a selection of Lapua factory-loaded ammo on sale at super-low prices — about 40% off current retail. These are older supplies of ammo that have been sitting in inventory for a while, so Eabco has cut the price dramatically to move it. Keep in mind that the price of Lapua brass has risen dramatically in the last couple of years, so this loaded ammo has become more attractive. Eabco has the Lapua 6mmBR 77gr HP loaded ammo on sale at $24 for 20 rounds, or $1.20 per finished round. Consider that you may now pay $0.80 per piece of Lapua 6mmBR brass. So, another way to look at it is that this ammo is worth about $16.00 per box… just for the brass.

Special Lapua Ammo Inventory Clearance Sale — Limited Quantities
Eabco tells us: “These are odd lots of loaded ammo in 20-round boxes. Some may not be the most popular bullet weight or style, so the price is much lower than our regular line of Lapua ammo. But this is all first-rate ammunition, made from total Lapua and VihtaVuori components. Quantities are limited. When these lots sell out, we won’t have more.”

  • 810-4316034 – Lapua 6.5×55 Swedish Ammo 100 gr. FMJ (20 rounds) $24
  • 810-4316048 – Lapua 6mm BR Norma Ammo 77 gr. HP (20 rounds) $24
  • 810-4316051 – Lapua .243 Win Ammo 90 gr. FMJ (20 rounds) $24
  • 810-4317183 – Lapua .308 Win Ammo 170 gr. FMJBT (20 rounds) $29

Many Other Bargains at EABCO ‘Garage Sale’
If you are looking for other discount gun parts and reloading accessories, check out EABCO’s ongoing “Garage Sale”. Here you’ll find stuff like scope bases, lens covers, press parts, snaps caps, plus odds and ends. There are even a couple custom rifles for sale along with a Vintage Cessna Airplane. Check out the Garage Sale — you may find something you need for pennies on the dollar.

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