February 10th, 2012

CSR-1 Rifle Auction — Proceeds Benefit M1 for Vets Program

Creedmoor Sports is currently running an auction of the very first CSR-1 rifle, the personal rifle of Creedmoor’s Gen’l Manager (and former National Champion) Dennis DeMille. NOTE: 50% of the total selling price will be donated to the M1 for Vets program. This CSR-1 rifle (serial number CS-0001) features a Pierce Engineering custom action in a Gary Eliseo Tube-gun chassis. The rifle will be up for auction through February 14, 2012. Current high bid is $3,600.00, as of 2/10/2012, 0900 Pacific Time.

This rifle currently belongs to Dennis DeMille. Dennis’s log book indicates the rifle only has 571 total rounds through it. Dennis reports: “With those few rounds I’ve posted some very good scores: 790-?, 498-23x, 497-?. I used this rifle to test various 6.5 Creedmoor loads from Hornady prior to the initial release of the round.” The rifle is still chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and comes with four (4) mags, single round follower, handstop, and gun log-book.

CSR1 Rifle Auction

This is your opportunity to own the very first CSR-1, and at the same time help support the M1 for Vetsprogram. Bids will be accepted either via email or phone. Log on to CreedmoorSports.com for more info. The highest current bid will be posted periodically during business hours.

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