August 9th, 2012

Tight Battle for Lead at NRA High Power Championships

Story by Kyle Jillson for the NRA Blog.
After a day of steady shooting while those ahead of him faltered, Carl Bernosky regained the lead in the 2012 NRA National High Power Rifle Championship. Sporting a 1195-66X at the halfway point in the competition for the Mumma Trophy, Bernosky is ahead of the pack, but that lead could change with a single shot out of the 10-Ring. And bad weather is expected, increasing the chances of a missed shot. Thunderstorms are predicted today — that means rain, gusty winds, and range delays. Blustery winds will prove particularly challenging during today’s Air Force Cup match, shot at 600 yards.

High Power 2012 Bernosky

Gallagher and Bernosky Are Neck and Neck
SGT Sherri Gallagher, who started the morning one point ahead of Bernosky, increased her lead to two following the Navy Cup. Following a practically clean round of 199 (Bernosky fired a 198), Bernosky made up a point each in the Coast Guard match and the afternoon’s Army Cup. Their point totals tied, it came down to an X-count. That’s where Bernosky holds the lead … by seven. Behind only a handful of Xs, Gallagher sits in second, for now.

Close behind the two leaders is SSG Brandon Green of the USAMU. Green’s 1194-67X score places him in third place, down just one point of the current leader. And Forum Member Rodrigo Rosa, currently in fourth Place with 1193-70X, is just two points off the lead. Note that Rosa has the highest X-count among the top five — this could come into play in the days ahead. Yesterday’s leader, SSG Tyrel Cooper, slipped a couple points, but is still in the running at fifth. And as the highest Service Rifle shooter, Cooper holds the lead in the Service Rifle Championship. It’s remarkable that Ty Cooper is right up with the leaders, shooting a AR-platform rifle with standard buttstock and military sights.

High Power 2012 Bernosky

High Power Rifle Championship — Match 400

1. Carl Bernosky, 1195-66X
2. SGT Sherri Gallagher, 1195-59X
3. SSG Brandon Keith Green, 1194-67X
4. Rodrigo Rosa, 1193-70X
5. SSG Tyrel Cooper, 1193-63X

There are still two full days of shooting in the High Power Rifle Championships. A lot can happen to shift the standings on the leaderboard. Here are the specific matches scheduled today, August 9th:

Appreciation Cup — Rapid fire match shot in the sitting/kneeling position at 200 yards.

Marine Corps Cup — Rapid fire prone match shot at 300 yards.

Air Force Cup — Slow fire prone match shot from 600 yards.

Carl Bernosky

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