October 12th, 2021

Nightforce Wedge Prism: +50 or +100 MOA Elevation for ELR

Nightforce Wedge Prism optic ELR Elevation device

In our most recent Sunday GunDay story featuring 2021 QUEEN of 2 Miles Lindsey Paul, we provided a full equipment list for Lindsey’s winning .375 CheyTac rifle. Readers noted that this big rig was equipped with a Nightforce Wedge Prism mounted forward of the riflescope. Lindsey used the Wedge Prism on her two most distant targets in the KO2M finals, which were placed at 3166 (1.8 miles) and 3520 yards (2 miles). Readers were curious about the Wedge Prism and wondered how to get one.

Nightforce Wedge Prism KO2M lindsey Paul 2021

Basically the device, which is offered in +50 MOA and +100 MOA versions, allows a major increase in elevation over what is available by cranking the elevation knob on the scope. Even with an angled rail offering +40 MOA elevation, few, if any, conventional scopes have enough elevation to put the reticle on targets two miles away. The Nightforce Wedge Prism is the answer. The Wedge Prism optically shifts the incoming image to the scope, effectively augmenting the scope’s vertical elevation travel.

Nightforce Wedge Prism — Gain Elevation for ELR Shooting

The Nightforce Wedge Prism is offered in two variants, 50 MOA or 100 MOA, that install forward of the riflescope to increase the effective elevation travel. The Wedge Prism optically shifts the incoming image to the riflescope by a precise elevation value, which directly adds to the available elevation travel within the riflescope. The Wedge Prism is designed to work optimally with 56mm front objectives. Nightforce says you can position two Wedge Prisms in parallel for maximum effect — up to 200 MOA total. These NF Wedge Prisms are pricey — MSRP is $990.00 for either the 50 MOA or 100 MOA version. However EuroOptic does currently have 50 MOA Demo models for $769.00.

Nightforce Wedge Prism optic ELR Elevation device

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