February 12th, 2022

Learn Marksmanship from a Nat’l Champion — SFC Brandon Green

USAMU Basic Riflemans Course SFC Brandon Green High Power Shooting Training

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) has produced an excellent series of videos, which collectively cover the Basic Rifleman’s Course. If you are getting started in High Power shooting, or want to improve your position shooting skills, this series is well worth watching. And these videos are not just for service rifle shooters — even bench shooters can benefit from these videos, particularly Part 5, which explains how to estimate wind speed and direction. The lead instructor for these videos is SFC Brandon Green, a three-time National High Power Champion. When SFC Green talks, you should listen.

SFC Brandon Green is a shooting superstar. Green won his third NRA National High Power Rifle Championship in 2018 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. He dominated the HP Championship cycle, finishing eight points and ten Xs ahead of his nearest competitor. Brandon also won High Power National Championships in 2015 and 2013. And in 2017 he set new records at the CMP’s National Trophy Matches at Camp Perry. One of the greatest marksmen in the nation’s history, SFC Green has no weaknesses, excelling at all positions, both rapid-fire and slow-fire.

Part 5 — Wind and Weather Estimation (Very Useful for All Shooters)

Note: This video includes a hit location “target analysis” in the first 6 minutes.

Part 4 — Minute of Angle Explained

Part 3 — Ballistics and Zeroing

Part 2 — Positions, Sight Alignment, and Natural Point of Aim (Very Useful)

USAMU Basic Riflemans Course SFC Brandon Green High Power Shooting Training

Part 1 — Aiming and Sight Picture

SFC Brandon Green 2017 CMP Camp Perry USAMU Service Rifle
Three-time National High Power Champion SFC Brandon Green (left above) set four new
National Records at Camp Perry in 2017.

About SFC Brandon Green — One of America’s Greatest Marksmen
A three-time National High Power Champion, SFC Green has had a distinguished shooting career while at the USAMU. In 2018 Green set 4 Individual National Records and capturing his first President’s 100 match win while setting a new national record for the match. 2018 also saw SFC Green winning his third National Trophy Individual championship while setting a new national record for this championship. In 2017 Green won his fourth Interservice Individual Championship, setting a new record for this match in the process. He was also a member of several first-place winning teams, including the Nation Team Trophy and the National Infantry Trophy team match at the National Championships.

SFC Green has won the Interservice Long Range championships five times and is the current record holder for this match. In 2007 and 2008 Green captured the coveted Wimbledon Cup trophy during the NRA National Long Range Championships. He earned his third overall NRA National High Power Championship title in 2018. Green is also a lead instructor for the USAMU’s marksmanship courses and teaches the Small Arms Firing School every summer at Camp Perry, Ohio.

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