March 3rd, 2023

Birchwood Casey Donates 10,000 Targets to First Shots Program

Birchwood casey targets shoot-n-c

Here’s an positive report about a major gun industry company giving back to the shooting sports community. Birchwood Casey, part of GSM Outdoors, has shown its support for the First Shots introduction-to-target-shooting program by donating 10,000 Shoot-N-C targets. Those targets will help thousands of new shooters hone their skills.

First Shots is an introductory and refresher program made available through host target-shooting ranges across the country. With interest in firearm ownership at record high levels, First Shots programs are meeting the demand for education and experiences in the classroom and on the range.

Birchwood casey targets shoot-n-c

Birchwood Casey has been a longstanding partner of First Shots. Along with the donated targets, NSSF provides First Shots host ranges with program materials and promotional resources. Participants are provided handbooks, safety literature, plus hearing and eye protection for their time spent on the range.

This video features the Shoot-N-C Handgun Training Target. This target’s labeled impact zones help diagnose hold/sighting/trigger issues. Pistol shooters can improve their skills quickly using such targets. Birchwood Casey also makes excellent rifle targets, such as this 12″ Shoot-N-C Sight-In Target featuring a 1″ grid and five diamonds. Bullet impacts show with a high-contrast yellow circle.

shoot-n-c birchwood casey target

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