May 14th, 2007

New IMR Powder, Wolf Primers at Powder Valley

Bryan of Powder Valley has advised us that he has some exciting new product arrivals: IMR 4007 SSC (in stock now) and Russian primers from Wolf (ETA first week of June).

IMR Powder

First, a shipment of the new IMR 4007 SSC has just arrived. This is a medium burn rate powder with characteristics suitable for a wide variety of cartridges. Price is $17.25 for 1 pound or $116.00 for 8 pounds.

Hodgdon, which distributes IMR powders, reports: “IMR 4007 SSC falls between IMR 4350 and 4064. ‘SSC’ refers to the new ‘Super Short Cut’ grain shape.” With its short powder kernels, Hodgdon says, 4007 SSC meters better than long-grain extruded powders. Accordingly, charge weight consistency is improved. Hodgdon claims that the enhanced load density of 4007 SSC will allow velocity gains compared to longer extruded powders. Hodgon reports: “the shortened grain drops smoothly into small case necks making it perfect for classic varmint cartridges like the 22-250, 220 Swift and 243 Winchester. Users of popular big game cartridges such as the 30-06, 300 WSM and 7mm WSM can attain top velocities typical of extruded powders, with the precision metering inherent in this new product.” Click HERE for a .pdf file with IMR 4007 SSC product info and some suggested loads.

Wolf (Russian) Primers
Bryan said Powder Valley is expected to receive Wolf Primers in the first week of June, 2007. Many top shooters such as David Tubb believe these primers give great accuracy and low ES. These new Wolf Primers are from the same Russian manufacturer as the “Russians” formerly sold by PMC.

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