December 29th, 2010

Sig P210 Pistol Returns as Updated “Sig P210 Legend”

In the view of many handgun aficionados, the SIG P210 Pistol is one of the finest semi-auto pistols ever made. It is, without question, one of the most accurate self-loading handguns, and probably the most accurate factory 9mm semi-auto. Originally created as a police and service pistol, the single-action P210 has not been sold in the USA for quite some time. However, Sig-Sauer recently re-introduced an updated model P210 in Europe as the “Sig Legend”.

Sig P210 legend

Sig P210 Legend To Be Unveiled at SHOT Show 2011
Now here’s the good news — according to the Blog, the updated Sig P210 Legend will be released to the U.S. market at SHOT Show 2011. No price has yet been set (but it won’t be cheap). states: “The new 9mm, single-action P210 will come in two basic models, with one having drift adjustable post and notch sights. The other model will feature adjustable target sights (see photo). Both version of the new P210 will feature the Sig black Nitron [QPQ] finish, manual safety, and a “US-style” [thumb-activated] magazine release. The original P210 utilized a heel mag release.” The new rear target sight has a 3-position slider that adjusts for three different target distances. According to Sig Sauer, this suits “static-precision disciplines or PPC 1500″, because the shooter can quickly re-zero the P210 for three different ranges. That’s a smart feature we’d like to see on other target pistols.

Sig P210 legend

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