June 19th, 2007

Allie Euber Sets Potential IBS LV Score Record

Allie Euber shot a potential new IBS Benchrest for Score World Record at the recent St. Johnsbury, VT match. In the Light Varmint (10.5-lb) class, Allie posted a two-day, 100/200-yard Grand Aggregate of 500 (the maximum point total), with 35 Xs. If this is certified, it beats the previous record of 500-33x set by B. Lembo way back in 1995. (The 100/200 meter record is R. Read’s 500-24X set in 2004.) We congratulate Allie on great shooting, and beating a long-standing mark.

Allie told us: “I had won the 100-yard with my Heavy Varmint, and had strung together a high X-Count with the Heavy. I pulled out the Light gun and it shot even more Xs, especiallly at 200 yards. On that last 200-yard stage, the conditions were pretty good–cloudy, overcast (pre-rain).” Allie’s record-setting LV was a 30BR with a BAT action and 3-groove, 17-twist Lilja barrel, which he had chambered himself. Allie told us he “like to run ‘em hot”, so he used “a full case of H4198″ with his own 30-caliber 7.5 ogive, 117gr flatbase match bullets. To order these bullets contact Euber Bullets, No. Orwell Road, Orwell, VT 05760, (802) 948-2621.

Reed Garfield emailed us noting that this wasn’t the first major record set at the Caledonia Forest and Stream Club in St. Johnsbury: “FYI, in 2005 Greg Palman of Aurora, ME broke the long-standing HV 100/200-yard Grand Agg at this range with a 500/39X. Our little farmer’s cow pasture up in Northern Vermont is now the home of both the HV and LV records.”

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