September 27th, 2007

Berger Introduces New 82gr non-VLD 22-Caliber Match Bullet

Berger 22 caliber bulletsBerger has started production of a new 22-caliber 82 grain BT bullet. It is a tangent ogive, non-VLD design, optimized to shoot well either in the lands or away from the lands. The new 82-grainer should prove popular with Service Rifle, Cross-Course, and SpaceGun shooters looking for a high-BC 22-cal projectile that works at various OALs and is easy to tune.

Berger’s Eric Stecker reports: “The new 82gr BT has performed exceptionally well in all tests. I want to thank those who took the time to shoot our new non-VLD design in several weights. Their feedback was the reason why we decided upon the 82gr weight. The G1 Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is .450, while the G7 BC is .228. We recommend a 1:8″ or faster twist rate. This bullet is perfect for those who shoot heavy 22 cal but do not like the sensitive nature of the VLD type bullets. All tests show that this bullet shoots very well at any OAL and with most loads.”

At Camp Perry, Shawn McKenna used this bullet to capture 2nd place in the NRA Civilian Service Rifle National Championship (3rd place overall Service Rifle). He reports shooting more Xs at 600 yards than ever before. Nick Till placed First Overall in the NRA Service Rifle National Championship using a Berger 80gr BT made on the same jacket and die as the 82 grainer. Both Shawn and Nick used Berger’s 22 cal 73gr BT at 200 and 300 yards. Shawn tells us “The 82 works ideally as a single-feed bullet for slow fire at long ranges. The nose length is .554″. At mag length on an AR, that would put the bearing surface into the neck .050″.

How soon can you buy the new 82gr bullets? Stecker noted: “Our next run of 22-cal, 82gr match bullets will be on the press soon, and we plan to ship in 2-3 weeks. Contact your preferrred dealers to ensure they are going to stock the new 82 grainers.”

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