September 29th, 2007

Californian Wins Savage F-Class Auction

We are pleased to announce that Andy Anderson of Northern California was the high bidder in our recent auction of a new, Savage 6.5-284 Precision Target Rifle. All proceeds from the auction go to defray expenses of the site. In a generous show of support for, Andy bid an amount exceeding the $1211 MSRP on the rifle. We all owe Andy (and his wife Sandy) our thanks for their commitment to the site. Andy noted: “If if it weren’t for Sandy being supportive on stuff like this, it could not have happened.”

Andy tells us he is pleased to do what he can to help the site: “Keep on doing the excellent job you’re doing. Always be pro 2nd Amendment and NRA 100%. That is the only other [shooting] organization I donate to. Sandy and I are proud to have donated more than the item was worth as we need web sites like It is our belief that, when a worthwhile cause comes up with an auction, it is not the price that matters, it is the cause that matters.”

Savage Precision Target Rifle 6.5x284

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