September 12th, 2007

NEW 95-grain 6mm Bullet from Sierra

Sierra Bullets has a new 95gr, 6mm boat-tail MatchKing bullet. It is optimized for 1:10 (or faster) twist rate barrels. Jason Baney has tested prototypes of the new Sierra 95 MK and it has shot very well at 1000 yards. This should be an excellent bullet for both match shooters AND varminters. It can be driven much faster than a 105-107 grain bullet from a 6BR–3050 fps is doable with a 27″ or longer barrel. This bullet should be a screamer in a 6XC, 6-6.5×47, or .243 Win. The Ballistic Coefficient (BC) hasn’t been calculated yet, but Sierra’s engineers believe it will be “around 0.500″. The bullet diameter is spec’d at .2432″-.2434″ at the junction of the shank and boat-tail (pressure ring).

Sierra MatchKing 95 grain

Sierra is drawing jackets for the new 95gr SMK right now, and it anticipates the first lots will be delivered to retailers “after Thanksgiving”, if not sooner.

Sierra had asked us to keep this bullet under wraps until a final decision was made to put the new projectile in production. According to Rich Macholz of Sierra, “We’ve been very happy with our test results and we know there’s a need for a bullet in this weight range. We see the 95 as ideal for guys with factory .243s and the like who want a super-accurate bullet that works in a 10-twist barrel. It should also work great at 300 meters with a 6BR or 6XC. I’ve shot the 95s in my own 243 and won a match with it. As with all MatchKings, the new 95 has a strong jacket and this bullet can be pushed to 3400 fps and beyond without problems. If you want a bullet for a .243 Ackley or 6-284, this 95 SMK can handle the velocity. It should be a great choice for the Varmint Jamboree and similar competitions.”

Stay tuned to the Daily Bulletin. Jason has a supply of the new 95-grainers and he will supply close-up photos and further specifications very soon. For more info on the new 95 Sierra MK, call 1-800-223-8799 to speak with a Sierra Bulletsmith.

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