August 31st, 2008

Federal Upgrades Website with Ballistics Info and Video

Federal Premium Ammunition has completely updated its website with many great new features for shooters. The new site is so rich, it takes a while to find all the new options. (Check out the Federal SITEMAP below.) For rifle shooters and hunters, two new features really stand out. First there is an interactive ammo information page that provides load components and ballistic data for all Federal ammo. Second, the upgraded Federal website is now “video-rich” with many high-quality product videos.

CLICK HERE for Federal Ammunition SITEMAP showing all content.

Ammo Information Page
The new Interactive Ammo Info Page gives you detailed data for every type of ammunition Federal makes. Choose a chambering and load, then the web page will switch to detailed entries, with velocity (fps), energy (ft/lbs), wind drift (10 mph 90°), and calculated drop out to 500 yards. Data is provided for six distances: muzzle, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 yards. Click on a thumbnail chart and you can see the data presented in a graphical format (x,y axes).

Federal Ammunition Video Player

Dedicated VIDEO Player and New Product Videos
Federal’s new VIDEO PLAYER offers a variety of Product Videos. Watch “The Bullet Breakdown” to see performance of popular hunting bullets in ballistic gelatin. You can also DOWNLOAD “The Bullet Breakdown” (and other videos) to your hard drive.

Federal Ammunition Video Player

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