August 30th, 2008

Sources for Premium .222 Remington Brass

The .222 Remington is a superbly accurate cartridge. Younger shooters may not remember, but the .222 Rem (aka “Triple Duece”), dominated short-range benchrest before the 6PPC took over. For years, Triple Duece fans could depend on premium Lapua .222 Rem brass. However, Lapua has halted production of .222 Rem cartridge brass for the time being.

.222 Remington brass

Many Forum members have asked, “where can we find high-quality .222 Remington brass?” Sinclair Int’l carries Norma .222 brass (see above), but it’s quite pricey, at $85.50 per 100 (item BR222). This is quality brass, though many shooters felt that it may not stand up to high pressures for as many reload cycles as will Lapua .222 Rem brass.

Forum members have tracked down remaining quantities of Lapua .222 Rem brass in Canada. RPS International of Alberta lists Lapua-headstamp .222 Rem brass in stock at a price of $69.00 CND per hundred. That price is in Canadian Dollars and is subject to change. Contact Mr. Joe Ponto at RPS Int’l, (780) 962-3395 or Fax (780) 962-1443, sales [at] This won’t last long….

CLICK HERE to download RPS Int’l price lists.

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