November 13th, 2009

NEW Product: Multi-Function Gun Tool Introduced

Avid Design has released a new multi-tool designed expressly for rifles and shotguns. The $24.99 Gun Tool combines 18 of the most commonly used long gun tools in a compact package. The Gun Tool boasts three Torx wrenches (T20; T15; T10), two Allen hex drives (3/32″; 5/32″), and four screwdriver blades (1/8″ flat; 3/16″ flat; Phillips 1 & 2). In addition, there is a magnetic 3/16″ driver, a pin punch, and a stainless claw blade useful for opening shipping boxes or trimming target backers.

The most unique feature of the Gun Tool is a stepped, multi-size choke-tube wrench that fits six shotgun bores from .410 all the way up to 10 gauge. For active shotgunners, that provides great versatility in a small package.

The Gun Tool

Respected gun writer Jim Shepard has reviewed the Gun Tool: “I can honestly say that I’ve been playing with ‘The Gun Tool’ for a couple of days, and I’ve found it to be a pretty promising device that really should find a place in lots of range bags. If you’re a long gun shooter, it has something you’ll eventually need in the way of a tightening/loosening/adjusting tool.” Jim cautions, however, that the claw blade does not lock into place.

Currently, the Gun Tool can be purchased online for $24.99. NOTE: With each Gun Tool you get a FREE set of polycarbonate shooting glasses, complete with handy, lanyard-attached 26 NRR ear plugs. We figure the shooting glasses and plugs are worth at least $6.00, making the Gun Tool a pretty good deal at $24.99. And if you purchase two Gun Tools you get free shipping.

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