December 11th, 2010

Kestrel Weather Meter with Built-in Horus Ballistics Software

Kestrel with Horus ATrag ballisticsKestrel has teamed with Horus Vision to produce a new Kestrel Weather Meter with integrated ballistics software. Previously, shooters would need to obtain environmental data from a Kestrel meter and then input that data into a PDA loaded with Horus ATrag ballistics software. Now, the Kestrel Ballistics Weather Tracker with Horus ATrag software contains all of the necessary data and solutions in one Kestrel device, which is IP67 waterproof and MIL-STD-810F rugged. MSRP for the Kestrel with Horus Ballistics is $619.00 (non-Bluetooth).

The new unit allows users to load and customize multiple guns and rounds from the extensive proprietary Horus database. You can create up to six targets, each customized for location, distance, direction, declination and winds. The Kestrel meter will meter wind velocity and direction, and, using its built-in digital compass, it will give the bearing to the targets. Once these parameters are set, the Kestrel meter takes over — tracking the current met data and automatically updating the firing solution. The Horus ATrag software even compensates for coriolis and spin drift at extreme long range.

When you switch out of Ballistics mode, you still have all the capabilities of a 4500 NV unit which can measure: speed and direction, temperature, humidity, heat stress, barometric pressure, altitude, density altitude, crosswind and more.

For a discussion of the new Kestrels with Horus software, read this Sniper’s Hide Forum THREAD.

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Kestrel + Horus FAQ

Q: Which Kestrel Meters will be available with Horus ATrag ballistics software?
A: The Kestrel 4500 NV series will be available with Horus Vision ballistics. The Kestrel 4500 is the only model to give wind direction, which is important for long-range shooting. For more money, you can order a model with Bluetooth capability that allows wireless data transfer to a laptop or PDA.

Q: When will the Kestrel/Horus be for sale and how much will it cost?
A: Kestrel is currently offering a limited supply of Kestrel/Horus 4500NVs to “preferred users” via an email campaign. If you did not receive the email solicitation, but really, really have to get one right now, contact Kestrel directly at 800-784-4221. MSRP for the Kestrel 4500NV with Horus ATrag Balllistics is $619.00, while the Krestrel/Horus 4500NV with Bluetooth capability lists for $739.00. According to Kestrel, “Supplies are very limited.”

Q: Can I upgrade my current unit to include Horus Vision software?
A: No. The Kestrel with Horus Vision ATrag software was specially designed and built to support the integrated ballistics solutions along with the Kestrel environmental data capturing capability. This is not just a software upgrade. Kestrel does offer a Customer Care Discount program where you may trade in your current Kestrel for credit towards the new Kestrel Weather Tracker with Horus Ballistics software.

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