March 1st, 2011

Gander Mtn. Opens High-Tech Training Facility in Florida

Gander AcademyGander Mtn. has opened a 20,000 square-foot, high-tech firearms training facility in Lake Mary, Florida. The new Gander Mtn. Academy in Florida offers modern multi-media classrooms, live-fire ranges, a state-of-the-art “Virtual Range”, as well as interactive shooting simulators that let you test your skills in defensive scenarios. In the Academy’s high-tech virtual “V-Range™”, shooters can sharpen their skills and master their mechanics “without spending time and money firing endless rounds of expensive live ammo”.

V-Range™ Video

The virtual range (V-Range) is set up like a conventional firing line, but the targets are projection screens with 2,000,000 pixels per lane. You “shoot” with real pistols modified to fire laser beams, not bullets. Students can zoom the target screens to examine their results and then save their targets as digital image files (sent via email).

Virtual Simulators with ‘Real-Life’ Scenarios
Along with the V-Range, the Gander Mtn. Academy offers two high-tech simulators, the Pro V SIM 180™, and a 300-degree “surround” enclosure, the Pro V SIM 300™. Gander Mtn. Academy is the first and only firearms facility to offer this cutting-edge simulation technology to the public.

V-SIM 300

The V-SIM 180 and V-SIM 300 environments are designed to help you make quick decisions involving a wide range of real life situations. V-SIM 180 and V-SIM 300 training sessions cost $40 and $50 respectively for 30-minute time-blocks. The simulator scenarios run the gamut—from numerous self-defense options to a variety of situations commonly found while hunting and shooting outdoors. After the simulator session, participants can play back and review their performance (with instructor feedback) in video debriefing rooms equipped with Hi-Def monitors and performance-auditing software. Students can even upload video clips of their simulator sessions to YouTube.

More Gander Mtn. Academies Slated to Open Soon
The Florida Gander Mtn. Academy is the first of four high-tech training centers Gander Mtn. plans to open this year. The second location, in La Cross, Wisconsin, is slated to open in April, 2011. In summer, Gander Mtn. plans to open training Academies in Greensboro, North Carolina and Roanoke, Virginia. For more information, visit the Gander Academy Website, or call 1-888-5GANDER.

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