December 3rd, 2020

AR Tool-Time — Great Wheeler AR-15 Armorer’s Tool Kits

Wheeler ar15 AR-15 Ultra armorers essentials kit tool delta series carry case

Let’s face it, AR-15s run dirty. With the direct gas impingement system, combustion by-products blow back into the upper receiver through the bolt carrier. And there many small parts to worry about — gas rings for example. We have seen AR failures also from bits of brass combined with lube and carbon getting in the ejector spring recess. So, to keep your ARs running well, you need to do a lot of maintenance, employing the right tools. You also need some specialized tools to assemble an AR-15 properly — that’s important for guys building their own lowers and uppers.

Wheeler ar15 AR-15 Ultra armorers essentials kit tool delta series carry case

That is where the new Wheeler Engineering Delta Series Ultra Armorers Kit comes in — this kit provides pretty much all the tools you need to keep an AR15 running well. As you’d expect you get an AR combo took, Torque wrench, Strap Wrench and Delta Ring Tool. In addition, there are special clamps/mounts that make it easier to assemble uppers and lowers, such as an Armorers Vise, Vise Block Clamp, and Armorer’s Bench Block. And then there are key maintenance items such as AR Bore Guide, and Bolt Carrier Brush. Supplied in a large, well-constructed carry case, the Ultra Armorer’s Kit $218.69 at MidwayUSA, contains ALL the following:

AR Armorer’s Vise
AR-15 Combo Tool
Torque Wrench
AR-15 Armorer’s Bench Block
AR-15 Roll Pin Install Tool Kit
Upper Vise Block Clamp with Gas Tube Alignment Tool
Pivot Pin & Roll Pin Installation Tool
AR Front Sight Tool
Delta Ring Tool
Strap Wrench
AR-15 Bore Guide
AR-15 Adjustable Receiver Link
Bore Brush, .22 Cal.
Bolt Carrier Brush
Chamber Brush
Magazine/Upper Receiver Brush
Nylon Brush Handle
Double-ended General Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Pick Set
PLUS: Maintenance Mat with AR-15 Exploded View Parts Diagram and Custom Carrying Case

AR-15 Armorer’s Essentials Kit

If you don’t need all the tools and components from the Ultra Kit, Wheeler Engineering also offers a smaller “essentials” Kit at less than half the price. The Wheeler Delta Series AR-15 Armorer’s Essentials Kit allows assembly of most basic AR components.

Wheeler ar15 AR-15 armorers essentials kit tool carry case

This is more a builder’s kit than a maintenance package. This Armorer’s Essential Kit, $89.09 at MidwayUSA, includes the following tools and specialty products, all contained in a nice, fitted carry case:

Upper vise block clamp with gas tube alignment tool
Pivot pin and roll pin installation tool
AR-15 adjustable receiver link
AR-15 Armorer’s Wrench
Mag well vise block
Torque wrench

Build Your Own AR-15 Videos

Here are three videos that provide helpful guidance on constructing a modern AR-15 lower and upper. The first video explains all the components you’ll need. The second and third videos show the step-by-step process of building an AR Upper and Lower.

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