October 8th, 2021

Tactical Weekend at GUNTRY Center in Maryland October 8-10

tactical industry weekend Guntry club maryland

GUNTRY of Maryland is hosting the first Tactical Industry Weekend on October 8-10, 2021. Presented by Six Eight Training Group and RYKER USA, this mini-Expo is a weekend-long event for industry professionals, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. The main focus is on defensive firearms — pistols, semi-auto rifles, and shotguns. There will be plenty of the latest Black Rifles and accessories on display. This is an opportunity to check out/demo new gear at a state-of-the-art shooting center with vast indoor range offerings along with sophisticated computer-controlled simulator rooms. Participating vendors will have products for demo and purchase.

Vendors at the event will include: MantisX, RYKER USA, Roger That, Six Eight Training Group. Special Operations Recruiting Battalion, UNIT Solutions, Wilder Tactical, U.S. Law Shield, and Vertx.

tactical industry weekend Guntry club maryland

About GUNTRY of Maryland
GUNTRY of Maryland is in a league of its own. The 64,000 square-foot facility is the premier shooting and training facility on the East Coast. It features 34 indoor live-fire shooting ranges, a fully immersive state-of-the-art simulator, on-site gunsmithing services, and a full-service café. The facility has garnered more than 100 five-star reviews>

tactical industry weekend Guntry club maryland

“Building an expo where consumers can meet face-to-face with industry professionals, manufacturers, retailers, and media to try their hands at new gear and learn about personal defense is how we convey our commitment to the right to bear arms,” said Ron Holmes, USMC MSgt (Ret.), Director of Training and Product Development for RYKER USA. “We are especially thankful to have U.S. LawShield as an important partner in promoting awareness of self-defense as we educate law-abiding gun owners.”

According to P.J. Hermosa, CEO of U.S. LawShield, “We expect the first annual Tactical Industry Weekend at the renowned GUNTRY Range of Maryland to be a stellar success.”

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