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November 2nd, 2022

Vote in the Election — Make Your Voice Heard & Protect 2A Rights

2022 election gunvote second amendment register vote red wave

NOTE: The above image (with time count-down) was captured Wednesday morning 11/2/22. But the clock is ticking. CLICK HERE for the current time remaining. Register now, and be sure to vote in this election.

Get out and vote people. It’s not too late to register to vote in many states — you can do so in person or remotely. It’s absolutely vital that all Americans who believe in the Second Amendment and personal freedom vote in this November election. The Biden administration is pushing for further restrictive gun control measures, and Blue State politicians wish to restrict CCW, limit your gun purchases, and ban many types of guns outright. For example, Ballot Measure 114 in Oregon would create a published, searchable database of gun members and require a special state permit to buy or sell a firearm.

The forces against freedom are relentless, and they will not be satisfied until gun rights are gone. Just look at what is happening in Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau recently imposed a complete ban on sale, transfer, and importation of handguns. Don’t want that to happen here in America? Then get out and VOTE.

The site has helpful links that provide information on registration and voting in all 50 states. Use that site to find out WHERE and WHEN you can vote in your jurisdiction. Now more than ever it is vital for ALL American gun owners to make their voices heard.


The last day to vote in most states will be Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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November 2nd, 2022

Brownells Launches DEALS Page with Bargains and Discounts

Brownells deals discounts coupon codes sale price bargain

Good news for shooting gear shoppers. Brownells customers can now find all the deals, promotions, and specially-priced products in one convenient location via the new Brownells Deals site. The Deals site is accessible through with the word “Deals” highlighted in red text near the top right of the main page. From a smartphone, click on the menu icon upper left, then select “DEALS”.

Brownells deals discounts coupon codes sale price bargain

On the Deals page, customers can access to Featured Deals on Brownells house products, AR-15 parts, and items from Magpul, Aero Precision, and other popular manufacturers. There are also clickable images for deals on product categories such as ammunition and reloading components. Below the categories you can click specific products on sale. To see all the deals available at Brownells, visit

SAVE More Money with Brownells DISCOUNT CODES

IMPORTANT: To save the most on a wide variety of Brownells products, you’ll want to use a current Brownells DISCOUNT CODE. Check our Daily Bulletin regularly for current codes. Here are some of the CODES for today, 11/2/2022. Use these codes during check-out to save up to 13% on your purchases.

CODE: NOV20 — $20 Off Orders $150
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: NOV40 — $40 Off Orders $300
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: NOV65 — $65 Off Orders $500
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: NOV95 — $95 Off Orders $750
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: NOV150 — $150 Off Orders $1000
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: NOV225 — $225 Off Orders $1500
Expiration date: November 20, 2022

CODE: HOME10 — $10 Off $100
Expiration date unknown

CODE: TA10 — 10% OFF over $150
Expiration date unknown

CODE: WLS10 — 10% OFF over $150
Expiration date unknown

CODE: BACK15 — $15 off $150
Expiration date unknown

CODE: 20OFF200 — $20 off $200
Expiration date unknown

CODE: Q63 — Free S/H over $99
Expiration date unknown

Codes are subject to change at any time. Find current Brownells discount codes at
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November 2nd, 2022

Get FREE Classic Shooting and Marksmanship Books

download free gun books

Free Classic Shooting BooksIn today’s high-inflation economy, FREE is good. Here’s a list of classic, older shooting books that can be downloaded for FREE from Google Books. This list includes many classic treatises on rifle marksmanship that still have value for today’s competitive shooters. In addition, we’ve included notable, illustrated firearm histories, such as Townsend Whelen’s fascinating book, The American Rifle, and The Gun and its Development (9th Ed.), by William Wellington Greener.

In the list below, the title link will take you to the Google Books page for each book. You can read the entire book online, or (in most cases) you can download it to your computer as a PDF file and save it (or print it). You can also create your own Google Library and save the books there for access from any computer.

Irish RiflemenIrish Riflemen in America, Sir Arthur Blennerhassett Leech, 1875, 216 pages.

Cartridge Manufacture, Douglas Thomas Hamilton, 1916, 167 pages.

The Gun and its Development, William Wellington Greener, 1907, 786 pages.

The Bullet’s Flight From Powder to Target, Franklin W. Mann, 1909, 384 pages.

Modern Rifle Shooting From the American Standpoint, W. G. Hudson, 1903, 155 pages.

The American Rifle, Townsend Whelen, 1918, 637 pages.

Townsend WhelenSuggestions to Military Riflemen, Townsend Whelen, 1909, 243 pages.

Manual for Rifle Practice, George Wood Wingate, 1879, 303 pages.

How I Became a Crack Shot — With Hints to Beginners, W. Milton Farrow, 1882, 204 pages.

Description and Rules for the Management of the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, Model of 1903, United States Army Ordnance Dept., 1904 (5th rev. 1914), 72 pages.

Springfield 1903 rifle U.S. Army


To download a book, first click the title from the list above. Then, on the Google book page, look for the row of buttons under the book title. Click the “Download PDF” Button. This will load the full book as a PDF into your browser. You can then save this to your computer or tablet hard drive. Choose a location to hold your new e-book, and click “save”. Alternatively, click the blue “READ for Free” button and the book will appear right on the Google site, with navigation (forward/back) arrows at the top of the page.

NRA history book

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