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November 16th, 2022

De-Crimp MIL Brass Primer Pockets with LEE Ram Swage Tool

lee single stage ram swage primer pocket crimp remover die

Do you ever use military-style brass with swaged primer pockets? Then you can really benefit from the new LEE Ram Swage tool. This innovative swaging tool provides a fast, simple, and efficient method of removing the primer pocket crimp on milsurp brass.

Primer pocket swaging is necessary when reloading brass with crimped primer pockets. Many brands of brass for military (and some law enforcement) applications have this crimp. You may find such primer pocket crimps on a variety of milsurp brass types including: 9mm Luger, LEO .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 Rem (5.56×45), .308 Win (7.62×51), and .30-06 Springfield, as well as older European cartridge types such as 6.5×55. If you use a progressive press, this new LEE Ram Swage is a boon. Nothing reduces priming problems on a progressive press more than properly swaged primer pockets.

Why use milsurp brass? Surplus military and police department brass is a great low cost source of cases. It is typically very strong, long-lasting, and can often be acquired for a fraction of the cost of new commercial brass. For example, Lake City 7.62×51 (.308 Win) brass is excellent.

lee single stage ram swage primer pocket crimp remover die
Note: This tool is designed for Boxer-primed cases only, not cases with Berdan Primers.

lee single stage ram swage primer pocket crimp remover dieThe Lee Ram Swage works on all single stage presses with 7/8″-14 frame threads, and rams which take common “universal” shell-holders. This new tool features spring-assisted case extraction, and an all-steel case guide. This ensures that your cases will be positively centered on the push rod. The swage holder, large or small, installs in seconds into your press ram with no adjustments required.

LEE’s engineers devised a clever “Shell-holderless design” for the LEE Ram Swage. This allows you to swage any small or large primer pocket, without swapping to a different size shell-holder. The hardened steel swage punch is automatically extracted from the primer pocket by five disc springs. The complete LEE Ram Swage set includes one guided 7/8″-14 threaded swage push die, with both large and small ram swage holder assemblies.

Product instructions:

Parts List/Diagrams:

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November 16th, 2022

GAP Grind 2022 on Shooting USA TV Today

GAP Grind 2020 Shooting USA Scoutten TV

This week, Shooting USA TV spotlights the 2022 GAP Grind, the largest PRS Pro-Am Tactical match with nearly 400 competitors. The 10th Annual GA Precision/Elite Tactical GAP Grind PRO-AM was held September 30 through October 2, 2022 at the K&M Shooting Complex in Tennessee. The GAP Grind, the largest, most popular PRS match in the world, drew nearly 400 amateur and pro shooters from across the USA and from many other nations. Recognized as the premier PRO-AM precision rifle match with both individual and team competition, the GAP Grind has introduced thousands of new shooters to the sport since its inception. It was great to see the GAP Grind successfully mark its 10th Anniversary.

SHOW TIMES: This Shooting USA Episode airs Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific; 8:00 PM Central. If you miss the regular broadcast, you can stream the show at any time on Vimeo for $0.99 per episode.

In this video Eagle Eye Shooting Shares Highlights from the 2022 GAP Grind

Excellent Attendance at 10th Annual GAP Grind Event
The year’s largest PRS match drew hundreds of attendees, and more than 80,000 rounds were fired throughout the three-day event. In addition to competition stages, the GAP Grind featured a vendor area, live music and entertainment. Bushnell gave out $5,000 to the top place finishers and added over $5,000 worth of product to the prize table. Trophies were awarded to the top 5 teams, top 5 professionals, and to the top 5 amateurs.

Lots of Action, with 20+ Stages
The GAP Grind is a challenging, “high tempo” match with minimal down-time between stages. Over the course of 20+ stages, competitors will fire 200+ shots at a variety of steel, paper, moving, and reactive targets out to 1,200 yards. Targets vary in size/difficulty based on the shooter’s position, distance, and time allotted. Most stages include “stressors” — i.e. time limits or required movement(s).

This extensive, 45-minute video shows many of the 2022 GAP Grind Stages

GAP Grind G.A. Precision 2022 results

GAP Grind 2020 Shooting USA Scoutten TV

GAP Grind Pro-Am Format — Seasoned Shooters Help Newcomers
The GAP Grind typically attracts nearly 400 competitors — half experienced shooters and the other half newcomers to the sport. The key to growing the shooting sports is attracting new shooters. The best way to bring in “new blood” seems to be the Pro-Am type format. At the GAP Grind, experienced shooters share their knowledge and guide the new shooters through the competition.

GAP Grind Hardware

You’ll find the latest and greatest PRS hardware at the GAP Grind. Over the past few seasons, most top competitors have “stepped down” from the 6.5/6mm Creedmoor to the smaller, more efficient 6mm Dasher, 6BRA, 6 GT and other 6mm cartridges. The Dasher offers excellent accuracy with less recoil than the 6.5 Creedmoor. Also, many competitors will be switching to the impressive new Zeiss FFP LRP S3 and S5 scopes in the months ahead.

ZEISS New LRP S3 FFP Scopes first focal plane scope

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November 16th, 2022

Fiocchi to Build New Primer Factory in Arkansas

Fiocchi factory production facility new Little rock port arkansas jobs

Good news — this should eventually help ease the primer shortage. Fiocchi will be building a new primer production center in Arkansas. The new facility will be one of only six primer manufacturing operations in the USA and the only dedicated lead-free primer plant in the world. Fiocchi announced the selection of a 281-acre site in the Port of Little Rock, Arkansas for a new ammunition primer manufacturing facility. Representing a $41.5 million investment and a 120-person workforce expansion, the new primer production center will, eventually, provide much-needed primer supply relief for handloaders. The primers will also be used in Fiocchi’s factory ammo.

Maurizio Negro, Fiocchi Group CEO stated: “This groundbreaking represents another significant milestone in Fiocchi’s long-term plan to strengthen and expand our manufacturing capabilities and to bolster primer supplies not only for Fiocchi products but also to increase supplies for the ammunition manufacturing industry at large.” Part of Fiocchi’s vertical integration strategy, the new primer facility will allow the company to meet internal primer supply needs and provide second-sourcing for industry contracts.

New Plant Will Produce Lead-Free Primers
Fiocchi is a leader in lead-free and heavy-metal-free primers and is the only manufacturer of lead-free primers to receive NATO qualification. The new Arkansas facility will follow Fiocchi’s other commitments to sustainable technology: lead-free projectiles, non-toxic shot, and biodegradable components.

Fiocchi factory production facility new Little rock port arkansas jobs

Arkansas Leaders Praise Fiocchi Decision to Build Facility in Arkansas
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson stated: “I am pleased to celebrate Fiocchi’s growth, which is also a demonstration of the continued expansion of the firearms and ammunition industry in our state. Fiocchi’s decision to grow in Arkansas speaks to the significance of maintaining the business-friendly climate that Arkansas is becoming so well known for.” The new facility will bring 120 jobs to the Little Rock area.

Arkansas Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston praised Fiocchi’s decision to build a new plant in Arkansas: “For more than a century, Fiocchi has been a leader in its industry, and we have witnessed firsthand their commitment and excellence in business. This expansion will help Fiocchi reach more customers as they continue to strengthen their brand[.]” Pulaski County Judge Barry Hyde concurred: “Fiocchi joins a growing list of world-class international businesses choosing to locate at the Port of Little Rock. Fiocchi is a leader in sustainable technology, and we are proud to welcome their investment in Pulaski County.”

For more information about Fiocchi ammunition and primers, including inquiries about available positions, visit

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