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November 20th, 2022

Sunday Gunday: New Savage A22 Takedown Rimfire Rifle

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

Savage recently released an innovative version of its popular A22 rimfire rifle. The new A22 Takedown separates quickly and easily into two units, with a simple quarter-turn (90-degree) rotation of the fore-end. This allows the A22 Takedown to easily transport in a pack when camping or hunting. Or stow the gun conveniently in your vehicle. Separating this A22 Takedown into two parts is as simple as a twist.

The new A22 Takedown ($479.99 MSRP) has some other cool storage features. The cheek-piece lifts up to provide storage for three, (3) 10-round rotary-style magazines. In addition, the A22 Takedown has a dry storage compartment in the pistol grip that can hold patches or other small accessories, such as earplugs.

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gundaySavage A22 Takedown Key Features:

Semi-automatic .22 LR carbon steel action
Easy tool-less takedown configuration
User-adjustable AccuTrigger (3-5 lbs.)
18″ carbon steel barrel, 1:16″-twist
Magazine compartment in cheek riser
Storage compartment in pistol grip
10-round rotary flush magazines
Picatinny rail with sight channel
Low-profile sights
Tang safety
Weight 6.3 lbs.

What Are the Advantages of a Takedown Rifle?
The first big advantage of a takedown rifle is that it can be stored in a smaller space and you don’t need a long case to carry in the field. Fully assembled, the Savage A22 Takedown is 36.875″ long. As separated into two sections, each section is about 18″ long, so each segment can fit inside a small day-pack. When transported in a vehicle, the two segments may fit in an on-board storage area, or even in the spare tire compartment (with appropriate padding).

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

The Savage A22 Takedown rifle can also be transported in an ultra-short 24″ Discrete Carry Case that doesn’t look like a typical rifle case.

Assembly and Disassembly of Savage A22 Takedown

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

The Savage A22 Takedown can be separated into two sections in a matter of seconds. First make sure the gun is unloaded, the magazine is removed, and the bolt is pulled back and locked. Make sure the muzzle is pointed away from you, and the safety is activated. Double-check to make sure there is no round in the chamber! Then holding the gun horizontally, grab the fore-end and rotate one-quarter turn clockwise. Then ease the barrel/fore-arm section forward gently. This will expose the front of the action and reveal the .22 LR chamber in the fore-end section. You can see how this works in the video below.

To re-assemble the A22 Takedown, bring the fore-end towards the action with the rear sight at the 3 0’clock position (right of center looking towards muzzle). Push the fore-end back gently until is seats properly. Then rotate the fore-end 90-degrees counter-clockwise. Again, watch the above video to see this re-assembly procedure, starting at 00:27 time-mark.

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday
NOTE: Savage provided these studio photos, but the magazine should be REMOVED before disassembly.

On-Board Storage Under Cheek-Piece and in Grip Section

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

The Savage A22 Takedown has two very innovative and unique storage systems built into the synthetic stock. First the cheekpiece is hinged at the front, and lifts up to reveal a special compartment that holds three (3) of the A22’s rotary magazines. This is a very clever design — unique among rimfire rifles we believe. In addition, there is storage area INSIDE the pistol grip. This is accessed by removing a detachable plastic cover that snaps into the bottom of the grip section.

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

Performance in the Field

With an 18″ barrel, expect your .22 LR rimfire ammo to deliver good velocities in the A22 Takedown. After some adjustment of the Accutrigger, other A22s we have shot have performed well and been reliable so long as you make sure to fully seat the rotary magazines. This would be a good starter rifle, and has unmatched versatility for easy packing. The weight, before optics, is just 6.3 pounds. One nice design feature is a sight channel in the Picatinny rail. The adjustable rear sight is attached to the barrel immediately forward of the action.

Savage A22 take-down takedown .22 LR rimfire rifle hunting 22LR new sunday gunday

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November 20th, 2022

How to Clean the Inside of Lug Recesses and Chamber Area

Bolt Action Cleaning lug recess chamber cleaning

Most competitive shooters are pretty good about bore cleaning (some may even clean their bores too aggressively). However, we’ve found that many shooters neglect the chamber area and the bolt lug recesses. It’s too easy to clean the bore, slip out the guide rod and say “I’m done.” Sinclair Int’l explains why it’s important to clean the action interior: “Shooters use a lot of grease and oil on their bolts to reduce friction and to prevent wear[.] Unfortunately, both of these compounds attract grit, powder and primer residues. Cleaning your receiver is especially critical [with] custom actions where the fit between the action and bolt is held to very tight tolerances. Routine cleaning of the action will prevent unnecessary wear on the bolt body, locking lugs, and the action raceways/guide rails. Frequent action cleaning is also essential to keeping the trigger area free of debris which can cause trigger hang-ups and failures.”

PMA Action Cleaning Tool

Your rifle deserves a clean action and lug recesses. For action cleaning, our friend Danny Reever favors the PMA Action Cleaning tool. This handy tool speeds up the cleaning process, letting you do a better job in less time. Danny reports: “I’ve been using the PMA Action Cleaning Tool Kit for quite some time. Previously, I used one of the old style (round knob) action-cleaning tools with cylindrical cotton rolls. I think the PMA Action Cleaning Tool Kit is easier to use, and possibly achieves better results. Read Full Tool Review.

Cleaning the Chamber

Combustion by-products, lubricants, and solvent residues can collect in your chamber. Severe build-up of grease and carbon can interfere with chambering. Also some solvents will promote corrosion. You need to keep your chambers clean.

Bolt Action Cleaning

1) Install a clean cotton mop of the correct size on the end of a chamber rod and insert the mop into the chamber. Rotate the mop several times to remove any brush bristles left behind and any excess solvent that was between the rod guide snout and the end of the chamber. Make sure the chamber is dry. Prior to storing a rifle you can oil the chamber but make sure the oil is removed prior to firing the rifle.
2) Alternatively, install an old bore brush on a chamber rod, overlap a couple of patches on the brush bristles, and wrap them around the brush completely. Then insert the patch-covered brush into the chamber while rotating it to remove the excess solvent and debris. Push it firmly into the neck area of the chamber. A similar method is to pierce a large patch on the end of the brush loop and insert it into the action, again rotating the brush as you push the patch up against the breech.

Cleaning the Lug Recess Area

The action lug recess area is one of the dirtiest places on a bolt-action rifle. To properly clean this area, always use a tool designed for the task, such as the $32.99 Sinclair Action Cleaning Tool (part # ACT1) which is part of the full Sinclair Action Cleaning Tool Kit ($54.99, part #ACT2).

Bolt Action Cleaning

1) Insert a cotton roll or cleaning felt into your lug recess cleaning tool and wet both ends and the face of the cotton roll/felt with solvent.
2) Insert the tool into the action and push it forward until it is positioned fully in the lug recess area and rotate the tool head several times. Then reverse the rotation for another few turns. While rotating the tool move it slightly in and out to cover the entire recess area and to also clean the breech face.
3) Remove the tool from the action and inspect the surface of the felt or cotton roll. If there is quite a bit of residue on both sides of the felt/roll, then repeat with another wet felt/roll.
4) When you feel the recess area is completely clean, insert a dry cotton roll into the tool and rotate the tool head to remove any remaining solvent and debris. If necessary, use a second dry cotton roll.
5) You can follow this step up with another pass of a mop or patches into the chamber to get any debris or solvent that pushed forward out of the lug recess area.

Cleaning Tips from The Sinclair Int’l Reloading Press, used courtesy Sinclair Int’l, All Rights Reserved.

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November 20th, 2022

CMP Offers Scholarships for 2023-2024 School Year

CMP Scholarship

CMP ScholarshipThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) invites young men and women shooters to apply for CMP scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year. The CMP offers $1,000 and $3,000 one-year scholarships to current high school seniors. In addition, this year the CMP will award four, 4-year $20,000 scholarships ($5000/year). New this year, CMP scholarships may be applied to trade and technical schools.

Since 2005, CMP has awarded over $1.2 million in scholarship grants. Winning scholarship recipients, in their senior year of high school, came from JROTC schools, 4-H groups, and other shooting clubs.

CMP Scholarship Application Deadline is March 31, 2023

CMP to Present Four $20,000 Scholarships, Other Notable Updates for 2023
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is pleased to announce four new scholarships named in honor of distinguished members of its Board of Directors. These $20,000 scholarships, awarded over four years at $5,000 each year, are named for:

Judith Legerski, former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Maj. Gen. Harry Sieben, former board member and Vice Chairman
Jon Bengtson, former board member and Treasurer
Dr. Carolyn Hines, former board member and founder of the CMP Scholarship program

“CMP has long focused on youth programs and giving back to the community. These new scholarships allow us to support the very best youth in America and at the same time recognize the individuals who championed youth programs while guiding the success of the CMP,” said Jerry O’Keefe, the new CMP Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to the new $20,000 scholarships, other changes include:

  • A new online application process
  • Scholarships for trade and technical schools
  • No minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) to apply

CMP Scholarship

Each year, high school student-athletes involved in marksmanship programs are encouraged to apply for CMP Scholarships — a program that lends economic support to young marksmen and women who have demonstrated excellence on and off the firing line.

CMP Scholarship

Traditionally, these scholarships have been used to pursue post-secondary or vocational programs, community colleges or university educations. However, in 2023, the CMP will broaden its scholarship program even more by involving trade and technical schools in order to keep up with national trends and to provide opportunities for athletes with a variety of interests.

“Our scholarships are available to all graduating high school seniors who have distinguished marksmanship, academic and community service records. By eliminating a minimum GPA, we are including those late bloomers who may have had a slow start in one area but have shown great potential by the end of their high school career,” said Dan Durben, former National Rifle Team and U.S. Olympic Team Rifle Coach and chairman of the CMP Scholarship Committee.

Since 2005, the CMP Scholarship Program has presented $1,000 one-year scholarships to high school seniors based on merit, humanitarian efforts, extracurricular activities and marksmanship participation. In 2020, the CMP added one $5,000 scholarship, the Carolyn Hines Memorial Scholarship — awarded to the top applicant who best embodied the values of Dr. Hines, who was instrumental in shaping the program.

This year, CMP will continue to award $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 scholarships for over 90 rising high school seniors. Applicants will compete based on their rifle, pistol and/or shotgun competition history, academic excellence, community service, leadership and potential.

As stated, the CMP no longer requires a minimum GPA, though academic performance is still a key component of the selection criteria. In addition, the new automated application replaces paper forms and mailing documents with an online application and the ability to upload documents.

CMP will award a total of $200,000 for the 2023-2024 school year. Additionally, the Garand Collectors Association has generously donated $30,000 in partnership with the CMP in its recognition of our nation’s best young marksmen and women.

The deadline to apply for a CMP Scholarship will be March 31, 2023. The online application portal link and other scholarship information is found at


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