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November 29th, 2022

Maintain Marksmanship Skills in Winter with Mantis Products

mantis X10 pistol rifle ar ar15 training tracking system

With December just two days away, winter is here. For many Americans that means indoor training if they want to maintain their shooting skills. Even if you can shoot outdoors all year long in your location, it makes sense for position shooters to work on their rifle holds. The Mantis systems help with that. These advanced smart devices record and plot the movement of your firearm as you aim and then break the shot. There are systems for both dry-fire and live-fire training, starting at $99.99. Considering the cost of bullets these days, and the difficulty of finding primers, it makes sense to increase your dry-fire training.

Mantis X2 for Dry-Fire, $99.99

Mantis X2 dry fire monitor system
Mantis X2 dry fire monitor system

Built for dry-fire use only, the Mantis X2 ($99.99) provides real-time, shot-by-shot feedback for both pistol and rifle users. You can track multiple training sessions with data-driven insights, and monitor your progress. This unit has earned high user reviews such as: “As a new gun owner the Mantis X is a game changer for me. I have not been able to get to the range during the lockdowns and being able to practice at home [is great].” And another: “Easy to install[.] The App is free and easy to use.”

The Mantis X2 is a good value. The manufacturer states: “There is nothing at this price point that will give you this level of feedback for dry fire.” There are actually four Mantis models: X2 ($99.99), X3 ($169.99), X7 Shotgun ($199.99) and X10 Elite ($249.99). The X3 adds live fire functionality. MORE INFO HERE.

Mantis X10 Elite– Advanced Training System

mantis X10 pistol rifle ar ar15 training tracking system

The advanced Mantis X10 Elite ($249.99) is 50% lighter and 40% smaller than the original Mantis, with three times the battery life and four times the data transfer rate. This new quick-detach X10 system offers all X2 and X3 functions PLUS recoil analysis and software support for all shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery). Collecting thousands of data points per second, the X10 works with dry fire, live fire, airsoft/CO2, and simulated firearm systems.

Mantis Blackbeard Trigger Reset System for AR-Platform Rifles

mantis blackbeard ar ar15 trigger reset device

If you compete with an AR-platform rifle, you can definitely benefit from the Mantis Blackbeard system, a drop-in Bolt Carrier + Magazine replacement that works with your existing trigger. Using electromechanical wizardry, the $199.00 Blackbeard quickly resets the hammer between each shot, so you can stay in position through multiple practice shots. Installation takes less than a minute — remove the bolt carrier group, drop in the red upper unit, place the red Mantis magazine and you’re good to go. All Blackbeards now support both direct impingement and piston-driven ARs. Guys we know say that a few sessions with this system delivered marked improvement in their service rifle scores.

Mantis X3 for Live-Fire or Dry-Fire, Rifle and Pistol

The Mantis X3 collects thousands of data points per second and analyzes your shooting in real-time. For both pistols and rifles, the X3 works with dry fire and live fire. It will also work with airsoft/CO2/compressed air, and simulated firearm systems. Priced at $169.99, the Mantis X3 mounts to standard universal accessory rails. (No Picatinny rail? Creedmoor Sports sells adapters). The X3 is part of the second generation of Mantis Shooting Performance Systems.

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November 29th, 2022

Holiday Gift Selections from GunsAmerica Digest

Gunsamerica digest christmas shopping wish list tactical suppressor pistol

GunsAmerica Digest has just released a series of articles with some great gift suggestions for the holiday season. Five different writers have posted suggestions for particular gift categories — such as gifts for lady shooters, gifts for tactical shooters, or gifts for suppressor fans. The suppressor feature is by GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce. Here are links to the five articles:

1. Christmas Gifts for that Special Lady
2. Five Gifts for the Rifleman in your Life
3. The Silenced Night Christmas Wishlist
4. 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Tactical Timmy
5. A Christmas List for Carrying Guns, Bugging Out, and other IDeas

Three Top Gift Choices

Of the many items listed, here are three of our favorites. You’ll find many more in the five GunsAmerica Digest articles linked above.

Savage B22 FV-SR .22 LR Rifle
As noted by GunsAmerica Digest Editor True Pearce, this little Savage is a good starter rimfire rifle: “Savage’s bolt action B22 FV-SR .22 is perfect for suppressing. They’re … accurate, reliable, come threaded for a suppressor, and with subsonic ammo, they’re … quiet[.] MSRP is only $359.”

Gunsamerica digest christmas shopping wish list tactical suppressor pistol

Mantis Laser Academy Training Kit
The Mantis Laser Academy Standard Training Kit allows you to practice marksmanship indoors with wireless communication. This kit includes: laser training cartridge, adjustable tripods, smart targets, target stand holders, portable carrying case, and a Mantis Laser Academy access code — all for $149.00.

Gunsamerica digest christmas shopping wish list tactical suppressor pistol

Silencer Central Banish Rimfire Suppressor
True Pearce notes: “Silencer Central’s Banish .22 is a great little suppressor that works on pretty much all rimfires including 17 HMR.” The Banish .22 suppressor is very light at just 4.1 ounces, and it can be easily taken apart for cleaning. MSRP is $499.00 and that fee includes a gun trust.

Gunsamerica digest christmas shopping wish list tactical suppressor pistol

Gunsamerica digest christmas shopping wish list tactical suppressor pistol

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November 29th, 2022

Better Pistol Cartridge Reloading — Advice from Starline

pistol cartridge reloading Starline brass

Starline Brass offers a series of videos with helpful reloading tips. Focused primarily on pistol cartridges, these short videos can help anyone get started with metallic cartridge reloading. If you load pistol rounds on a progressive, this video series is particularly helpful. The on-camera host is Hunter Pilant, son of Carroll Pilant of Sierra Bullets.

Preventing Double Charges
Tip: Use a bulky powder that fills your case more than half way with a correct charge. This will overfill the case if it is double-charged, making it very difficult to seat a bullet.

Tumble New Brass Before Loading the First Time
Tip: Tumble new pistol cartridge brass in used media for 30 minutes before loading for the first time. This will add enough graphite (carbon residue) to smooth case entry into dies. You can also lube the case mouths with graphite, or use spray lube.

Powder Through Expander — How to Eliminate Hang-ups
Tip: When loading pistol brass with a progressive press, sometime the powder-through expander is hard to remove, especially with short cases. There are two fixes — first, try deburring the inside of the case mouth on your cases. Second, the radius of the powder through expander plug can be modified to smooth entry and exit (see photo). Starline will do this modification for free.

modified powder through expander starline

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