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November 19th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Shooting Products Factory Showcase

Saturday movies video factory showcase BAT Machine Norma SAKO ZEISS Nosler

Ever wonder how rifles, actions, stocks, optics, suppressors, and ammo components are produced in factories around the world? Today’s Saturday at the Movies installment features fascinating videos filmed inside major firearms industry factories including BAT Machine, ZEISS, Norma, SAKO, Nosler, CCI and Federal.

BAT Custom Rifle Actions — Factory Tour and Owner Interview

BAT Machine Co. makes some of the finest custom actions you can buy. Numerous national and world records have been set with BAT actions. To create this video, Ultimate Reloader’s Gavin Gear visited the BAT Machine production center in Post Falls, Idaho. Gavin talked with BAT’s founder Bruce Thom. The video features extensive footage of advanced CNC machines used to produce the superb BAT actions. If you own a BAT action, or hope to acquire one some day, definitely watch this video. CLICK HERE for Full Story.

YouTube Ultimate Reloader Video BAT Machine

Norma Ammunition Factory — Cartridge Creation Start to Finish

Norma has released a fascinating video showing how bullet, brass, and ammunition are produced at the Norma Precision AB factory which first opened in 1902. You can see how cartridges are made starting with brass disks, then formed into shape through a series of processes, including “hitting [the cup] with a 30-ton hammer”. After annealing (shown at 0:08″), samples from every batch of brass are analyzed (at multiple points along the case length) to check metal grain structure and hardness. Before packing, each case is visually inspected by a factory worker.

The video also shows how bullets are made from jackets and lead cores. Finally, you can watch the loading machines that fill cases with powder, seat the bullets, and then transport loaded rounds to the packing system. Guys, watch this video! You won’t be disappointed. The camera work and editing are excellent — there are many close-ups revealing key processes such as annealing and head-stamping.

Norma factory ammo production video

SAKO Factory Tour in Finland

SAKO produces some of the best hunting rifles you can buy. SAKO, along with its sister company Tikka, operates sophisticated production facilities in Finland. In the video below, Canadian journalists visit the SAKO factory where rifles are made. It is interesting to see how stocks are made and barrels are bored and contoured. SEE More HERE.

Sako finland rifle factory tour

Nosler Bullet Manufacturing

Nosler bullets website ecommerce

Ever wanted to see how Nosler bullets and cartridges are made? Here’s your opportunity. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) has produced a video (“Quality First”) that offers a behind-the-scenes look inside Nosler’s Oregon factory that produces bullets, brass, and ammunition. RMEF representatives visited Nosler’s famously-guarded manufacturing plant to show the technology used by Nosler to produce bullets and ammunition. After the intro, this video illustrates Nosler’s bullet construction techniques with a cool animation sequence. The video then showcases the Nosler ballistics lab, inspection room, and packaging line. SEE more HERE.

Video Showcases Nosler Production Facility and Ballistics Lab

ZEISS Sport Optics

ZEISS is a world leader in lens and optics technology. Along with ultra-high quality lenses used in production of computer chips and special optics for high-tech medical equipment, ZEISS produces great optics for hunters and shooters. ZEISS lenses are renowned for their sharpness, clarity, and high light transmission. ZEISS has a new series of LRP S3and LRP S5 First Focal Plane scopes which promise to be favorites among PRS/NRL competitors and long-range hunters.

Silencerco Suppressor Fabrication Start to Finish

Here’s a cool video that shows the entire production process for a SilencerCo Octane pistol suppressor start to finish. Beginning with the raw materials, this video shows a wide variety of cutting, milling, drilling, burnishing, fitting, metal bathing, surface finishing, and laser etching processes. If you have any interest in production methods you’ll want to watch this video all the way through, and maybe a second time.

Computer-Controlled Milling
Silencerco suppressor factory video production metal fabrication can silencer baffle
Hand-Finishing Internal Components
Silencerco suppressor factory video production metal fabrication can silencer baffle

Rimfire Ammo Production at CCI/Speer and Federal Factories

YouTube host 22Plinkster got a chance to tour the CCI/Speer production facility in Lewiston, Idaho. This large plant produces both rimfire and centerfire ammunition. While touring the plant, 22Plinkster was allowed to capture video showing the creation of .22 LR rounds from start to finish. This is a fascinating video, well worth watching.

This revealing video shows all phases of .22 LR ammo production including cupping, drawing, annealing, washing, drying, head-stamping, priming, powder charging, bullet seating, crimping, waxing, inspection, and final packaging.

Field & Stream Tours Federal Ammo Plant in Minnesota
A while back Field & Stream toured the Federal ammunition production facility in Anoka, Minnesota. This large plant produces both rimfire and centerfire ammunition. While touring the plant, the reporter was allowed to capture video showing the creation of .22 LR rounds from start to finish. This is a fascinating video, well worth watching. Click speaker icon for sound.

Note to Viewers — After Starting Video, Click Speaker Icon to HEAR audio!

The Manufacturing Process for .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition
Shooting Sports USA explains: “Rimfire cartridge cases are the oldest self-contained cartridge in existence, having been in continuous production since the mid-1850s. Rimfire cases are drawn from a thin piece of brass and formed with a hollow rim. A priming compound is then forced into the case using centrifugal force, where it is charged with powder and a bullet is seated in the mouth of the case. The case is then crimped around the bullet to ensure sufficient push and pull when the round is fired. When the firing pin strikes the thin brass rim of the case, the hollow rim is crushed and the primer is ignited.” Source: 9/2/2017.

.22 LR ammunition photo
Photo courtesy

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November 19th, 2022

Pre-Black Friday SALES — Hot Deals Available Right Now

Pre-black black friday sale free shipping

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, retailers nationwide offer great savings on a wide variety of products. This is true for vendors of guns, ammo, reloading supplies and shooting accessories. But many sellers have “jumped the gun”, starting their Black Friday sales early. Here are six shooting-related sale opportunities that are available right now. You can save 10-40% on a wide variety of items, including rifles, actions, triggers, optics, ammunition, and more.

Bruno Shooters Supply — 10% Off Sitewide, with FREE Shipping

Bruno shooters supply black friday sale free shipping

Bruno’s kicked off its Black Friday Sale early this year. Right now (starting 11/18/2022) Bruno’s is offering “At Least 10% Off or more” for the vast majority of Bruno’s listed products. This includes optics, Kelbly actions, powder, primers, bullets, brass, dies, presses, tumblers, and more. There are extra big discounts on Norma brass. Plus you get FREE Shipping with most orders of $100 or more. These discounts are good now through CyberMonday, November 28, 2022 at 8:00 am. NOTE: HazMat fees still apply. Items excluded from discounts are: barrels, BAT, Stiller, and Remington actions, complete firearms, LabRadars, and 21st Century rests. But these excluded items still qualify for FREE Shipping.

Sportsman’s Warehouse — Pre-Black Friday Sale

sportsman's warehouse black friday sale free shipping

Sportsman’s Warehouse is running a major Pre-Black Friday Sale right now. There are significant discounts on firearms, optics, outdoor clothing, hunting accessories, camping gear and more. Additionally nearly all Sitka Gear is 25% off now. Here are four of the best bargains we found:

Vortex Razor HD 20-60x 85 Spotting Scope – Angled — $799.99, $200 Off
Barnett Explorer XP370 MOBUC Crossbow Package — $299.99, $100 Off
Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit — $389.99, $80 OFF
Hornady LNL Sonic Cleaner 2L — $149.97, $40 Off

Primary Arms Pre-Black Friday Sale — ARs, Optics and More

Primary Arms warehouse pre-black black friday sale free shipping

With its Pre-Black Friday Sale, underway now, Primary Arms has discounted rifles, optics, and shooting accessories. Save on complete rifles as well as AR components. And there are good deals on Nightforce scopes. Bargain hunters you’ll find some killer deals under $40:

Primary Arms Passive Earmuffs — $12.99 marked down from $19.99
Willow Defense Forged Stripped AR-15 Upper Receiver — $34.99 marked down from $59.99
Primary Arms Expandable Backpack, Coyote Tan — $19.99 marked down from $54.99
CCI Standard Velocity .22 LR 40gr LRN – 50ct Box — $3.99, 20% OFF

Optics Planet — Pre-Black Friday Blazin’ Deals

Optics Planet warehouse pre-black black friday sale free shipping

Optics Planet is running a big Pre-Black Friday Blazin’ Deals promotion with over 180 products on sale. NOTE: This is NOT just an optics sale. You’ll find a wide variety of products discounted up to 40%. Sale items include scopes, reloading dies, AR uppers, bullets, trigger sets, holsters, laser rangefinders, and more. These special prices are good through November 22, 2022 at 11:59 pm CST.

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November 19th, 2022

Rimfire 101 — What Causes Misfires and How to Prevent Them

rimfire Ammo 22 plinkster cheaper than dirt

“22 Plinkster” is an avid shooter who has produced a number of entertaining videos for his YouTube Channel. In the video below, he tackles the question “Why Do Misfires Occur in .22 LR Rimfire Ammunition?” This is the most common question posed to 22 Plinkster by his many viewers. He identifies four main issues that can cause .22 LR misfires or faulty ignition:

1. Damaged Firing Pin — The dry firing process can actually blunt or shorten the firing pin, particularly with older rimfire firearms. Use of snap caps is recommended.

2. Poor Ammunition — Some cheap brands have poor quality control. 22 Plinkster recommends using ammo from a manufacturer with high quality control standards, such as CCI and Federal.

3. Age of Ammunition — Rimfire ammo can function well for a decade or more. However the “shelf life” of rimfire ammunition is not infinite. You ammo’s “lifespan” will be shortened by heat, moisture, and humidity. You should store your rimfire ammo in a cool, dry place.

4. Mishandling of Ammunition — Tossing around ammunition can cause problems. Rough handling can cause the priming compound to be dislodged from the rim. This causes misfires.

Preventing misfires is essential if you want to succeed in NRL22 competition and other rimfire competition disciplines run “on the clock”.

rimfire Ammo 22 plinkster cheaper than dirt

Top Image courtesy Cheaper Than Dirt Shooters Log.

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