March 18th, 2023

Saturday at the Movies: Eight Great Revolver Videos

Korth Super Sport STX ATX revolver wheelgun .357 germany

Today’s Saturday video showcase is a wheelgun extravaganza. We offer eight videos covering some of the most famous double-action revolvers in existence. Check out reviews of Colt, Smith & Wesson, Korth, Dan Wesson, Ruger, and other models, in a variety of chamberings, both centerfire and rimfire. We think every serious gun enthusiast should have at least two revolvers in his collection — one centerfire and one rimfire. This Editor owns a stainless, 10-shot .22 LR Smith & Wesson Model 617. It has probably shot more rounds than all my other pistols combined, and it is still performing flawlessly after two decades.

Multiple Revolver Line-up: S&W, Colt, Ruger, Taurus, Dan Wesson, Chiappa, Charter Arms, Webley and More

This 12-minute video provides a quick introduction to eleven interesting wheelguns: Smith & Wesson Model 29 (00:22), Colt Python (1:22), Ruger GP100 (2:25), Taurus Model 66 (3:40), Smith & Wesson Model 686 (4:38), Charter Arms Bulldog (5:41), Chiappa Rhino (6:32), Webley Revolver (7:27), Dan Wesson 715 (8:21), H&R Model 929 (9:59), Taurus Judge Public Defender (10:52). NOTE: This video also includes a review of the Bersa .380 which is NOT a revolver, so the video title is a little misleading. There are 12 handguns, but only 11 revolvers.

Colt Python .357 Mag 1000-Round Test

How well do modern wheelguns hold up to extended use? This video provides an answer. Honest Outlaw’s testers put 1000 rounds through a new-generation Colt Python chambered for the legendary .357 Magnum round. The Python showed outstanding accuracy, and the tester praised the trigger. Testing was done indoors and outdoors, both rapid-fire and slow-fire. After a couple hundred rounds, the Python needed a thorough cleaning of cylinder and barrel, but otherwise the revolver performed really well.

Hickok45 Shoots the New Colt Anaconda in .44 Magnum

Hickok45 is a respected YouTube video reviewer. In this detailed 19.5-minute video, Hickok45 reviews and tests a new generation Colt Anaconda revolver, chambered for the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge. This is one of the most popular wheelgun videos on YouTube, having logged over 1.3 million views in less than two years.

Colt King Cobra Target .22 LR Revolver

This TFB Showtime episode examines the new .22 LR rimfire Colt King Cobra Target. The King Cobra Target .22 LR features a 10-shot cylinder, and the same adjustable target sights as the .357 Magnum version.

At the NRA Annual Meetings in 2022, Colt Manufacturing introduced an impressive new rimfire revolver — the King Cobra Target .22 LR. Colt states: “From competition to plinking and small game hunting, this baby Cobra does it all and packs 10-rounds of .22 LR in its cylinder”. The King Cobra Target 22 LR is available with 4.25-inch and 6-inch barrel lengths, both with 1:16″ RH rifling twist. MSRP is $999.00.

new colt king cobra target 22 LR .22 LR revolver rimfire wheelgun

The Massive Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum X-Frame

smith wesson .500 magnum revolver wheelgun .44 mag comparisonIf bigger is better, then a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum should be in your collection. This jumbo-size wheelgun shoots a huge 50-caliber cartridge, the .500 S&W Magnum. Even with compensator slots on the end of the barrel, the recoil is massive — enough so that we would NOT recommend this big revolver to novice shooters.

For more information read the American Rifleman article The .500 S&W Magnum: Most Powerful Handgun Round In The World. S&W currently produces six different 500 Magnum models, including a huge 4.975-pound Performance Center Model with 10.5″ barrel.

In 2003 the engineers at Smith & Wesson wanted to deliver maximum power for serious handgun hunters. The power they sought required an entirely new frame, the massive “X-Frame”. That became the basis for the new Model S&W 500, the most powerful production revolver in the world.

smith wesson .500 magnum revolver wheelgun .44 mag comparison

Colt vs. Smith & Wesson

Here’s a pretty informative video, with two qualified experts, Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn. This covers the basic differences between Smith & Wesson and Colt revolvers. This video explores the classic “Ford vs. Chevy debate” of the revolver world. Both S&W and the Colt revolvers have their die hard loyalists. In this episode, the Gun Guys weigh the merits of Bill’s Colt Shooting Master and Ken’s S&W Registered Magnum.

Korth Super Sport STX Revolver — $4,393.00 Wheelgun

Germany’s Korth Arms makes some of the best revolvers on the planet. Korth’s machining tolerances are second to none. The triggers are superb and the accuracy is excellent. At the 2022 IWA Outdoor Classics Expo, Korth featured a “badass” black heavy-barreled wheelgun, the Super Sport STX Revolver. This features a full-length scope rail and slab sides, for use in Bianchi Cup-type competitions.

Korth Super Sport STX ATX revolver wheelgun .357 germany

Korth states: “In addition to the National Standard Super Sport STX, we present the weight-reduced ALX version. Both weapon types are equipped with a 4-position rear sight”. You’ll need serious bucks to buy a Korth Super Sport STX. Currently the 8-shot STX model in .357 Magnum sells for €4,077.00 Euros (about $4,393.00 U.S.). Below are a trio of blued Korth revolvers:

Korth Super Sport STX ATX revolver wheelgun .357 germany

Smith & Wesson Model 648 in .22 WMR

We love Smith & Wesson rimfire revolvers. We have put thousands of rounds through S&W Model 617 revolvers, with 4″ and 6″ barrels. These stainless .22 LR handguns are accurate, superbly reliable, and they hold their value. In general we’ve found that Smith & Wesson rimfire revolvers may be less fussy with ammo, and more trouble-free than typical semi-auto rimfires. Bottom line, we feel that everyone should have an S&W rimfire wheelgun in their collection.

Along with its .22 LR wheelguns, S&W now offers another very impressive Rimfire Revolver option — the “revived” Model 648 in .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). This stainless Model 648 brings a more powerful cartridge to S&W rimfire revolver fans.

smith wesson S&W model 648 revolver wheelgun .22 WMR Winchester magnum rimfire 6

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