December 11th, 2007

Handy Bag for Walk-Around Varminter

Here is an interesting product, currently on sale as a $19.99 “December Special” at Midsouth Shooters Supply. The Shooters Ridge Varminter Shooting Bag is a roomy gear bag fitted with a built-in rifle rest that retracts into the front pocket. The bag is built of rugged 1200-denier nylon, PVC-coated for rain resistance. It is big enough to hold ammo, muffs, binoculars, compact spotting scope and more. The bag also includes a padded shoulder strap.

shooters ridge varminter bag

While the integral rest is hardly a substitute for a good pedestal rest, this Varminter bag could be useful for the walk-around varminter or a shooter who might otherwise use a rucksack as a handy rest. At just $19.99, this product is a very good deal for a roomy range bag even without the integral rest feature. This bag regularly retails for $39.00 to $46.00 at other vendors including a lightweight shooting mat. (The $19.99 Bag sold by Midsouth, item 097-40484, does NOT include a mat). Here is a report from a Cabela’s customer: “There is plenty of room for gadgets and ammo, not to mention the fact that I have one less thing to carry when zeroing at 100 yards. I’m not sure that I would use this for any long range shooting or hunting but when sighting in my 243 WSSM it gave me the stability to produce consistent satisfactory 1/2″ groups with factory loads.”

shooters ridge varminter bag

To further sweeten the deal, Shooter’s Ridge is currently offering a FREE $24.99 Multi-tool, if you purchase $30.00 or more of Shooter’s Ridge Products.


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