September 9th, 2008

Special "100-Years" Lapua 30-06 Brass on Sale

UPDATE: ALL SOLD OUT as of noon, 9/9/2008
Right now Bruno Shooters Supply has special edition 100-Year Anniversary 30-06 brass on sale for just $49.00 per hundred cases (item 4HH7067). This is first-quality Lapua brass, produced as a special run for Dakota Arms in 2006. To some, this relatively rare brass is worth buying for collector purposes. For others, it’s just a heck of a deal. Bruno’s regular price on standard Lapua 30-06 brass (item 4PH7068) is $67.00 per hundred cases, and you’ll see the same Lapua-headstamp brass sold for up to $100.99 per hundred elsewhere (MidwayUSA price).

Lapua 30-06 Brass

There are less than 1500 pieces available at this price, so act quickly. Call Bruno’s at (623) 587-7641 and ask Amy or Lester for the special “100 Years” Lapua brass. Kudos go to German Salazar for spotting this great deal on unique Lapua brass.

Lapua 30-06 Brass

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