January 3rd, 2009

Budget-Priced T-Handle Hex Key Sets from Harbor Freight

When working on firearms, one is constantly in need of hex (allen) key wrenches in a variety of sizes, both metric and SAE (English). You can get a folding (swiss army knife-style) allen wrench set, but that may not give the reach you need and you can’t apply much torque. For heavier jobs, such as loosening heavily-torqued action screws, you’ll want a set of T-Handle wrenches.

Color-Coded 10-tool Hex Key Sets
Harbor Freight has attractively-priced hex key wrench sets in both metric and English (SAE) sizes. Each $5.99 set comes with a nice, powder-coated metal storage bracket with tool sizes clearly marked on the front. The handle tops are conveniently color-coded in bright primary colors, and key sizes are stamped in the handle. The color coding is really, really useful. For example, I know that a yellow (5mm) metric key works for the action screws on my Tikka, while a green (5/32″) SAE wrench fits the action screws on my Savage. A purple (1/8″) SAE key fits the door jam tensioner on my gun safe. It’s easy to look at the tool holder on my workbench and pick the right hex key.

$5.99 T-Handle Set

The SAE Hex Key Set (item 37861-4VGA) contains 10 tools, 3/32″ to 3/8″. The Metric Hex Key Set (item 37862-4VGA) has 10 tools from 2mm to 10mm. The shanks are constructed from carbon steel. Each set is just $5.99.

This Editor has been using the Harbor Freight Hex Key Sets (both metric and SAE) for over a year now, and they have performed well. The handles haven’t slipped, the tips haven’t rounded off, and nothing has rusted. Now I wouldn’t use these bargain tools to wrench a race-car engine, but for simple around-the-house tasks they work fine. I also put the appropriate action-screw hex key(s) in my range kit whenever I go shooting. I really like fact that each tool size has a different color handle with the size stamped in the plastic. The mounting bracket is nicely made and clearly labeled. At $5.99 per set, it’s hard to beat this tool deal.

Torx T-Handle Wrench Set for Just $9.99
Harbor Freight also offers other budget-priced T-handle sets, including a 7-Piece T-Handle Torx Key Set containing T15, T20, T25, T30, T40, T45 and T50 Torx keys. Each key in this $9.99 set has two drive ends: one long to provide up to 25° tilt angle for access in hard-to-reach areas, and one short for extra rigidity under high loads.

Harbor Freight Torx Key Set

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