December 3rd, 2010

50 BMG Powder by the Pallet — Only $3.85 per Pound

Now here’s something for the serious reloader — powder by the pallet. Looking to stock up on powder for your .50 cal or .338 Lapua Magnum? Here’s a deal for you big boomer shooters out there. You can’t beat the price: $3.85 per pound. But here’s the catch — you have to buy at least one full pallet.

Ballistic Solutions, Inc. is selling bulk pallets of milspec smokeless powder for .50 caliber reloaders. The $3.85/lb pallet price is 60% off the average retail price for comparable powders, such as Hodgdon H870. The powder, demilled by a military contractor, is palletted and ready for shipping. Quantities still available are:

  • 665 lbs of WC867 (95 lbs. per barrel) (6 barrels per pallet); weight per pallet is 570 lbs.
  • 44,383 lbs of WC872 (two 30-lb bags per box, with 36 DOT-approved boxes per pallet); weight per pallet is 2,160 lbs.

50 BMG bulk powder

These particular powders have multiple applications. The burn charts show them to be ideal for .50-caliber reloading, as they are in the same range as H860, H870, 5010 & 50 BMG (872 is replacing 5010 by many reloaders.) The powders can be loaded in cartridges as small as .338 Lapua Magnum.

We can’t think of anyone who really needs this much powder, but perhaps a shooting club or .50 BMG shooters’ association might be interested in a group buy. This bulk powder could be ideal for someone planning to start an ammo-loading business. It is 1.3 tag-listed and legal for export.

The mil-surp powder, originally manufactured for Winchester by St. Marks, was vacuum-extracted by automated machines. Marc Coury of Ballistic Solutions told us: “This is super-clean powder with no contaminants and no moisture as is common with other pull-down methods, so the powder does not need to be filtered.” Ballistics Solutions’ price, for the remaining powder inventories, is $3.85 per pound with a minimum order of one pallet. The cost does not include shipping. Call (949) 645-3815 or email to order.

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