October 7th, 2021

Real Avid Master Gun Vise — Great for a Multitude of DIY Tasks

Real Avid Master gun vise DIY Accu-level Gun-fit sleeve

Real Avid has introduced a new, specialized gun vise with notable features and unmatched versatility. Read Avid states that its new Master Gun Vise is the “first real bench vise made exclusively for guns and gun tools.” This vise articulates and swivels easily so you can place your gun/barreled action in different orientations without ever removing it from the vise. The supplied, reversible Gun-Fit jaw sleeves will adapt to a variety of stock/forearm styles — from ARs to fancy wood shotguns. The special Torq-Lok pin provides additional locking power to secure the angle/orientation of the vise jaws when working on heavy rifles or barreled actions.

Master Gun Vise: Build, Repair, Clean, and Customize Your Guns

The base of the vise features an articulating ball and socket joint with the adjustable Speed-Cam Lever that applies pressure to the joint allowing the vise and gun to be positioned in any orientation the user desires. An additional Torq-Lok pin is ready for heavy torque applications. This removable pin intersects the ball and socket joint locking it into the base. The locking pin can be inserted every 90 degrees with the vise in either the vertical or horizontal position. That ball joint lets you set the jaws at various angles, to make work easier. For example you can tilt your gun to a muzzle-down position for easier cleaning. SEE Video above.

Real Avid Master gun vise DIY Accu-level Gun-fit sleeve

Early testers of this new DIY Gun Vise were impressed: “We did a soft launch on this product a couple weeks ago and were amazed at the vast number of military [users], gun manufacturers, and law enforcement agencies that were jumping to get this new vise. These are people who work on and build guns for a living and the benefits were apparent to them immediately. That really confirmed for us we had created something revolutionary”. — Chris Witte, Real Avid Mktg. Director.

Respected gunwriter Tom McHale reviewed the Master Gun Vise for American Handgunner magazine: “I use this setup more than anything as an extra pair of hands … the Real Avid Master Gun Vise is, bar none, the handiest tool on my bench. It’s great for cleaning, repairing, tinkering, installing, inspecting, assembling and disassembling. Heck, you can even use it to mount optics with the precision leveling knob.”

Accu-Level Knob Allows Rapid, Precise Angular Adjustments — Great for Scope Mounting
The Master Gun Vise include an innovative Accu-Level leveling knob. This allows the vise to be tilted 3 degrees to either side (6° total) for making micro-adjustments when leveling guns for optics mounting. This precise leveling can be accomplished without having to reposition the firearm in the clamps.

Real Avid Master gun vise DIY Accu-level Gun-fit sleeve

The vise also comes with reversible Gun-Fit sleeves that can be easily installed or uninstalled with pins that lock them in place. One side features a high-density foam pad providing a compression fit to firmly grip cosmetic surfaces. While the other side is a rigid nylon with grooves to secure gun parts, picatinny and Arca Swiss rails, barrels, silencers and more.

Real Avid Master gun vise DIY Accu-level Gun-fit sleeve

Special Accessories for AR-Platform Rifles
Real Avid has some special accessories for working on AR-15s and AR-10s. Sold separately, the adjustable Smart-Fit AR15 Lower Vise Block and the Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block (available in two versions, AR15 and AR10) integrate seamlessly with the vise jaws and firmly lock into place. The Lug-Lok eliminates jaw slippage when applying heavy torque to AR barrel nuts and muzzle devices.

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