November 12th, 2022

Saturday at the Movies: Hard Shell Rifle Cases in Review

firearms gun transport case all weather waterproof airline approved

A modern F-Class or Benchrest competition rifle can cost $4000.00 or more. Add $2500 for a top-tier scope and you can easily have $6500.00 or more invested in your rig. With that kind of money involved, you should transport that valuable rifle in a very high-quality case — one that is strong, durable, and secure. In addition, the case should have quality, customizable internal foam that cushions the barreled action, stock, scope, and key accessories.

These video reviews look at quality, durability, features, price, and other factors.

firearms gun transport case all weather waterproof airline approved

TSA-Approved Rifle Cases — Performance Tested

This Warrior Poet Society video covers the key features you need with a gun case. The reviewer also explains the important TSA rules you need to consider when flying with firearms. The reviewer, has used all kinds of cases to travel with his firearms on planes, over seas, across continents. In this video he reviews a range of cases — from basic affordable cases to high-end cases that costs many hundreds of dollars.

Five Hard Shell Rifle Cases Showcased

This review looks at five (5) of the best rifle transport cases. The video considers key features including hinges, locks, padding, and wheels. The five cases reviewed are:

1. Plano All Weather 2 Scoped Rifle Case, currently $159.99.

2. Pelican 1720 Rifle Case, currently $275.00.

3. Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case, currently $259.99.

4. Vault by Pelican V800 Double Rifle Case, currently $200.27.

5. Case Club AR-15 Waterproof Rifle Case, currently $199.95.

Another Five Hard Shell Rifle Case Video

This 6.5-minute video covers five affordable hard shell cases ranging in price from $50 to $177. The video provides a good look at the external and internal features of these five cases, using mostly manufacturer-supplied video, including some field tests.

1. Plano All Weather Rifle, currently $90.94.

2. Case Club AR15 Pre-Cut, currently $129.95.

3. Condition 1 48″ Hard Case, currently $49.99.

4. MEIJIA Portable All Weather Rolling, currently $159.99.

5. Cedar Mill Hard Rifle Case, currently $176.99.

Big Box-Type Case Holds 4 Rifles and 3 Pistols

This video covers a unique large, long-gun case that holds multiple rifles in a vertical arrangement. The Case Club 4 Rifle/Shotgun Case holds up to 4 long guns, along with 3 pistols in a tough wheeled, waterproof case with a lifetime warranty. The case fits any rifle or shotgun under 41″ long, with room for for optics, foregrips, under-barrel attachments, pistol grips, and more.

Case club rifle box case TSA approved 4 gun

The case itself is crushproof, waterproof, stackable, and TSA-approved. Dual purge valves keep moisture out while allowing the case to be opened in high or low altitude. The foam is long-lasting, oil-proof military grade polyethylene that won’t tear. This case is not cheap — it retails for $632.45.

Plano All-Weather Rifle Case — Great Protection for the Price

Plano cases offer excellent value for the money. Priced at $109.99 on Amazon (for 42″ model), the Plano All-Weather Tactical Gun Case offers a strong shell, tough hinges, and secure weather-proofing. The case has pre-perforated, pluck-to-fit foam for easy customization. This airline-approved case boasts a Dri-Loc seal providing a watertight, dust-proof shield that protects your firearms from water damage. For $30 more Plano offers the new All Weather Rustrictor Case with VCI-infused resin and foam emitter blocks that fight rust and corrosion.

Harbor Freight Apache 9800 Weatherproof Rifle Case

This video features the Harbor Freight APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Rifle Case. The reviewer states this $169.99 case has served him well, proving rugged and durable with the ability to securely transport multiple firearms. The video showcases the Apache 9800 in detail, and explains steps that can provide additional long-term durability. This Apache 9800 case is offered in black, tan, and OD green.

BONUS Videos — How to Cut Foam for your Gun Cases

For the best fit of your firearms and accessories in a foam-interior hard case, you should customize the foam to fit. Some cases have “pluckable” foam. With these you remove small squares one an a time until the stored items fit. With other cases with dense foam interiors, you’ll need to cut the foam to fit. Here are two videos that show the process of tailoring foam to a rifle using an electric cutting tool. Watch these videos carefully — they can really help create the best custom-fit for your firearms.

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