January 7th, 2009

Cayle's Barrel-Block 22-250AI Pistol

Here’s an innovative and handsome piece of workmanship by Cayle Davis, whose company, C&J Machine, builds advanced rests for precision pistols. Shown below is a brand new barrel-block pistol on one of Cayle’s rests. Cayle tells us: “Here’s another project I just finished today. It’s a barrel clamp pistol, built on an XP-100 action, with a Hart 2 oz. trigger. The action is completely floated. The gun is chambered as a 22-250 Ackley Improved with a .250″ neck. Fitted is a 1:7″ twist, 1.2″-diameter, straight-contour, 18″ Douglas barrel. I think this may be a first… I hope it shoots!”

C&J Machine XP100 pistol

C&J Machine XP100 pistol

To learn more about this gun, or if you’re interested in the one-piece rest, contact Cayle via email: xpfuzz [at] consolidated.net, or you can write to the address below:

Cayle Davis — C & J Machine
Box 18
Palmer, IL 62556
Phone: (217) 827-0588

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