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January 23rd, 2009

Rifles from Well-Known Smiths in our Classifieds

The Classifieds Section in our Shooters’ Forum seems to get more popular every week. In our Classifieds you’ll find some great bargains on reloading tools, barrels, stocks, and complete rifles. A couple rifles for sale caught our eye because they were built by top smiths and good values.

Franklin-built 6BR Undertaker
The first is a handsome 6BR smithed by Richard Franklin. It features a laminated walnut, low-profile “Undertaker” thumbhole stock. The action is a blueprinted stainless Rem 700 fitted with a Jewell trigger (with safety). The gun is in “like new” condition and the Krieger barrel has only 135 rounds though it. Weight, without scope, is 13 lbs., 1 once. We bet this would be a great shooter for club varmint matches. Asking price is $1950.00 but you’d have to pay more (and wait a long time) to get Franklin to build you something similar.

• Richard’s Undertaker laminated Walnut stock with clear coat finish
• Blueprinted Remington 700 Stainless SA Receiver, Holland SS lug
• Action pillar bedded with polished SS front and steel rear pillars
• BAT polished aluminum trigger guard
• Krieger SS Match 1:8” twist LV taper 28” barrel -– polished
• SAAMI Min 0.272” no neck turn chamber with 0.080” freebore
• Callahan Firing Pin Assembly
• Mounting Solutions Picitinny 6” Scope Base
• Ken Farrell 30MM Scope Rings
• Rifle weighs 13 pounds 1 oz. without scope (scope NOT included in sale)

Stevens-Built 6PPC with .308 Boltface
The second gun is a good value for someone looking to get started in short-range Benchrest. This Stolle Grizzly 6PPC features a .308 bolt-face so it could also be converted to a 30 BR for score shooting, or a 6BR/Dasher for 600-yard shooting. The gun is built by Col. Billy Stevens, a very highly respected smith. The asking price is $1600.00 (plus actual shipping and insurance.) You may want to ask how many rounds are through the barrel. Call S. Crawford at (931) 619-8175.

Grizzly PPC

“RB/LP Stolle Grizzly 6ppc Light Varmint with .308 Boltface. Kelby Flat Bottom BR Stock Molded in color Green, Jewell Trigger and Davidson Bases. Hart Barrel 1-14 Twist. Built by Billy Stevens. This gun is a shooter. Scope not included. Must ship to FFL.”

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January 23rd, 2009

Bruno's Has Primers and Popular Powders

4/1/2009 UPDATE: READ THIS FIRST!! Bruno’s is currently sold out of most primers. Call for availability.

Alliant Reloder 17Amy Bruno reports that Bruno’s Shooters Supply has “ample quantities” of some hard-to-find reloading components:

– 207,000 Federal 210 Large Rifle STANDARD primers in stock at $30.05 per 1000.
– 107,000 Federal 150 Large Pistol Match primers in stock at $36.95 per 1000.
– 60,000 Federal 100 Small Pistol Match primers in stock at $35.79 per 1000.

– Reloder 17 in 1-lb bottle, $21.08; Reloder 17 in 5-lb. jug, $95.00
– Hodgdon H322 in 8-lb. jug, $136.66
– Hodgdon BenchMark in 8-lb. jug, $136.66
– Vihtavuori N-133 in 8-lb. jug, $168.71

Note: For powder and primer orders, add $22.50 haz mat fee and shipping charges.

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January 22nd, 2009

SHOT Show Report Navigation — See More Stuff

We’ve been covering the hot, new products at SHOT Show continuously since last Wednesday. But this page can only display a couple days’ worth of items. Fear not… ALL our SHOT Show 2009 content is available here. You just need to click some buttons.

We know many readers may be new to our Daily Bulletin so you may not know how to access older articles. It’s quite simple really. First, after you’ve read the last article on this page (at the bottom), just click the “OLDER POSTS” link. That will give you the previous day’s articles.

Use Calendar to Navigate Day By Day
A really easy way to access SHOT Show Reports from the past five (5) days is to use our Navigation calendar. Look over to the right column, on this page. You’ll see a small calendar. Just click on a date in January and you’ll be taken to the posts for that day. Start with January 15th to get all our SHOT Show coverage, including Media Day.

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January 22nd, 2009

SHOT Show Wrap-Up: Attendance Good, Orders Strong

2009 SHOT ShowThe National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show wrapped up Sunday in Orlando with strong attendance and a cautiously optimistic outlook for the coming business year. Though many trade shows have seen a decline in attendance, SHOT Show attendance increased 3% when compared to its last visit to Orlando in 2007, and was down just 6% when compared to last year’s record-breaking show in Las Vegas. According to preliminary figures, this year’s show attracted 25,384 attendees, 22,098 exhibiting personnel and a record 1,425 members of the media for a total attendance of 48,907.

Many manufacturers’ representatives confirmed that the show was very good from a business standpoint. Despite the troubled economy, orders were being taken and demand seemed strong for a wide variety of products. High-tech rifles and handguns, in particular, have seen a jump in sales heading into 2009.

Steve Hornady, president of Hornady Manufacturing Co.:
“Response to our new products has been good. Some of this, of course, is in anticipation of a problem down the road. This year will be determined primarily by what happens in Washington, and is for the most part out of our control. We hope that common sense will prevail, and the fact that further regulation of our industry is not the solution.”

Scott Grange of Browning:
“It’s been a good show. With all of the interest in high-tech arms, it good to see that the interest in our over/under shotguns was also up. The SHOT Show specials we laid out for retailers were very well received. The success here has helped position us for the expected upturn in the economy.”

Al Russo of Remington Arms Co.:
“Our meeting rooms were booked, and the quality of the buyers at the show was very good. We saw good volume in our law enforcement booths, and we’re very pleased with the media turnout.”

SHOT Daily Available Online
All four issues of SHOT Daily, the magazine printed each day of the SHOT Show, are available online in PDF format at SHOT Daily is printed for NSSF by Bonnier Corp., publishers of Outdoor Life, Field & Stream and SHOT Business magazines.

January 15 | January 16 | January 17 | January 18

Story and photo © 2009 by NSSF, used with permission

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January 22nd, 2009

SHOT Show Report: 2009 Optics Preview

Shot ShowIn our SHOT Show reports, we’ve provided in-depth coverage of notable new optics from March (DEON), Leica, Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender, and Zeiss. To learn more about new riflescopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, and binoculars from other manufacturers, you can download the January 16th (Friday) edition of the SHOT Daily.

Just posted online, this NSSF e-zine dedicates five pages to new products from all the well-known optics manufacturers, including Bushnell, Burris, Leupold, Nikon, Pentax, and Swarovski. Plus, on page 64 of the Jan. 16th SHOT Daily, there is an in-depth feature on Nikon’s new hunting scopes, including the Predator Hunter with BDC reticle, and the low-magnification (1.1-4×24) 30mm African Series scopes, designed for dangerous game. The Predator Hunter bullet-drop-compensating (BDC) reticle has a center circle that subtends a coyote’s vital area at 100 yards, for quick sighting and target acquisition. Nikon’s new scopes, “are an example of an increase in specificity of hunting and shooting products,” according to SHOT Daily.

CLICK HERE to Download 1/16 SHOT Daily with OPTICS REPORT (.pdf file).

Shot Show

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January 22nd, 2009

HOT DEAL: MidwayUSA's Blemished Bullet Sale

Now through the end of January, MidwayUSA is offering “blemished bullets” from major manufacturers at deep discounts — up to 40% off. These blemished bullets are bulk-packed factory seconds from major manufacturers. For most bullets, the blemish consists of slight discolorations in the jacket. Click the links below for specific calibers:

20 Cal Blems | 22 Cal Blems | 6mm Blems | 7mm Blems

Midwayusa blemished bullets sale

Among the better blemished bullet offerings are:

20 Caliber (.204 Diameter) 45gr Soft Point Box of 100
Product #786503
Price: $13.49 marked down from $22.49.

22 Caliber (.224 Diameter) 55gr Soft Point Box of 100
Product #324450
Price: $8.89 marked down from $14.79.

270 Caliber (.277 Diameter) 140gr Spitzer BT Box of 100
Product #491606
Price: $13.49 marked down from $22.49.

7mm (.284 Diam.) 154gr Bonded Spitzer BT (Plastic Tip) Box of 100
Product #377637
Price: $26.99 marked down from $44.99.

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January 21st, 2009

SHOT Show Report: News from Nightforce

Nightforce Benchrest and NXS scopes are very popular among our readers. The Nightforce 12-42×56 BR model is the scope of choice for top F-Class and 1000-yard shooters. It offers sharp glass, big-time magnification, precision parallax control (via a rotating front objective), plus a wide choice of reticles. The NXS offers these same qualities, but it uses a side-parallax adjustment. Many shooters building their first long-range rifle ask: “Which should I get–the Nightforce BR model or the NXS?” Nightforce Sales Manager Kyle Brown helps answer that question in the video below. Kyle explains the major (and minor) differences between the BR and NXS scope lines. You’ll find this video very informative.

YouTube Preview Image

CLICK HERE to download Nightforce Optics 2009 Catalog (Large 5mb .pdf file).

New First Focal Plane 3.5-15×50 F1 Scope
The new NXS 3.5-15×50 F1 was created at the request of U.S. military and other professional sharpshooters. They wanted a rugged scope that offers a choice of elevation/windage click values, plus a ranging reticle in the First Focal Plane (FFP). A reticle located in the first focal plane remains in the exact same ratio to the target across the scope’s entire magnification range. The FFP design (designated by “F1″) is optimal for rangefinding purposes, since the reticle’s markings remain consistent relative to target size at all magnification settings. The 3.5-15×50 F1 scope will be offered with three click-value options: 1/4 MOA, 0.1 Mil Radians, or 1.0 MOA elevation + 0.5 MOA windage clicks.

Nightforce F1 Scope

CLICK HERE to download NXS 3.5-15×50 F1 Scope Spec Sheet (.pdf file).

HOT NEWS: If you like the NXS 3.5-15×50 F1, take note that a Nightforce 5.5-22×56 FFP NXS is coming in the fall of 2009. Plus Kyle told us that the Nightforce Compacts and First Focal Plane scopes now have their scope bodies (main tubes) crafted in Idaho. So, you’ll notice that they are now stamped “Made in USA”.

New Ballistic-Compensating Reticles Offered for 2009
Nightforce will offer a variety of NEW ballistic reticles that provide “hold-over” hashmarks corresponding to the trajectories of popular hunting rounds. With these new christmas-tree style reticles, hunters and varminters can rapidly adjust to different ranges without cranking-in elevation with the top turret. The reticles also include horizontal hash marks corresponding to calculated wind drift in mph (not MOA or mils). There are three basic options, one each for low, medium, and high velocity cartridges. In addition, Nightforce may offer Horus ballistic-compensating reticles, and possibly the Holland ART reticle, later in the spring of 2009.

Nightforce reticle Nightforce reticle
Nightforce reticle Nightforce reticle

New Ring-Top Bubble Level and Level/ADI
Nightforce has introduced the Top of Ring Bubble Level, a low-profile level built directly into the top half of a scope ring. This fits in place of the upper half of a Nightforce Ring (e.g. Unimount, Direct Mount, and Nightforce Mil-Spec). Like other anti-cant devices, the NF bubble level helps the shooter avoid canting his rifle left or right, which can throw off the shot significantly at long ranges. The level also helps ensure your reticle is plumb when mounting the scope.

The Top of Ring Bubble Level is available in three versions: 1) Ring Level alone; 2) Ring level with integrated mount for the Nightforce ADI (Angle Degree Indicator); 3) Ring level with mount plus ADI unit (complete system). You’ll want the ADI if you often have to make shots at steep angles. Calibrated in degrees, the ADI instantly gives the shooter the up or down angle for the shot. Plug that number into a ballistics calculator (or angle drop chart) and you’ve got your corrected drop for the true range to the target.

We definitely recommend an ADI for hunting, and for competition disciplines where up/down angle shots are required. The ADI is simple, robust, and requires no batteries. Mounting the ADI directly to the scope ring is the slickest installation yet for this useful device. This mounting set-up was a collaboration between Shawn Carlock (Defensive Edge), Ward Brian (Sniper Tools ACI), and Nightforce.

For more info, contact Nightforce Optics, Inc., 1040 Hazen Lane, Orofino, ID 83544, tel (208) 476-9814, or visit

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January 21st, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Forster, Krieger, and Norma Highlights

Many of the companies at SHOT Show had just a few new products or operational changes to report. Here’s a quick summary of news from Forster, Krieger, and Norma.

Forster Products
The only all-new product design from Forster is a collet bullet puller for the Forster Co-Ax press. Conventional screw-in bullet pullers won’t work with the Co-Ax because of the unique jaw design.

.338 NORMA DIES — The new .338 Norma is big news in the long-range tactical game (see separate report in the Bulletin). Forster will have .338 Norma dies available within a few weeks, pretty much “as soon as the Norma brass is in the country.”

Forster has acquired new, advanced die-making machines. This gives the company increased custom die-making capacity. Forster reps noted that Forster can now use any customer-supplied finish reamer to make a custom bushing bump die.

Forster will also roll out a completely redesigned and updated website in mid-February. Visit next month to check it out.

Krieger Barrels
Krieger Barrels has acquired two (2) additional Pratt and Whitney cut-rifling machines. This will give Krieger additional capacity and help them keep up with the high demand for their cut-rifled barrels.

Krieger barrels

Shown in photo, left to right: Neil Leppla, Mike Hindrichs, John Krieger, Helmut Kiesling

AR10 BARRELS — Krieger also announced it will be producing AR10-type barrels in both Krieger-brand cut-rifled and ‘Criterion’-brand button-rifled versions. Krieger will provide AR10 barrels for Fulton Armory, DPMS, and Armalite.

NEW 202 POWDER for 6mmBR Ammo — Norma revealed something interesting about its loaded 6mmBR ammunition. Norma has traditionally used Norma 203B powder for 6BR ammo. However, it has found that 203B has gotten progressively slower over the years, so Norma has switched to Norma 202… but not just any 202. Norma has selected the slower batches of 202 for use in its factory 6mmBR ammo. We don’t know if this applies to ALL bullet weights. Norma will continue to use Berger Bullets in its 6mmBR and 6XC match ammunition.

.338 Norma brass

.338 NORMA BRASS Coming Soon — There’s lots of interest in the new .338 Norma cartridge among the military and tactical community. Initial testing has demonstrated outstanding accuracy with 300gr Sierra MatchKing bullets. Many of the folks working with early versions of the .338 Norma believe that, given the case’s superior efficiency, it can rival the ballistics of the larger .338 Lapua Magnum, though the .338 Norma has less capacity. Both cases are derived from the .416 Jeffreys, but the .338 Norma will fit in a shorter action.

Norma is now producing .338 Norma cartridge brass. It is supposed to be in the USA within two to three weeks. It will be distributed though Black Hills Shooters Supply, This stuff is in high demand so get your orders in soon.

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January 21st, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Brownells Launches AR15 Website

Widespread concern over the possibility that the Obama administration will push for new, restrictive gun laws has spurred sales of all types of firearms, with self-loading, military-style rifles leading the way. The “Obama effect” has created huge demand for ‘black rifles’ of all variety. Recognizing this, Brownells has created a new website,, to help buyers purchase a AR with components customized to the buyers’ individual needs. Using state-of-the-art “drag and drop” web technology, a black rifle buyer can chose from a wide variety of components (stocks, uppers, barrels, handguards, optics etc.), and see the gun, as assembled, right on the web page. As one selects among AR components, the website even provides running total of the cost of the components.

Mix and Match Components for Your Custom Build
Announced at SHOT 2009, combines almost 600 images of external AR-15 parts and accessories so you can mix and match parts to see exactly what your own, custom AR can look like with your selected parts installed. The screenshot below, showing a “precision varminter” with adjustable stock and 24″ barrel, was created using parts from Brownell’s inventory. Brownells

The website allows you to preview the many options available for the AR platfrom, so you can “mix and match” scores of products in Brownells’ catalog. Color variations are shown as well. So, if you want to see a black receiver with a tan handguard and green buttstock, will show you. If you want to change any component, just go back to the parts menus and drag the new selection to the center of the page. As you change components, the prices automatically change in real time.

With endless combinations, it’s easy to create the unique look you want, in the price range that suits your budget. You can also select complete uppers and lowers. Purchase items directly from,, or call 800-741-0015 and mention code PER.

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January 20th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Manners Carbon Fiber Stocks

Tom Manners of Manners Composite Stocks had a wide selection of stocks on display at SHOT Show. The Manners stocks, with carbon-fiber layup, are extremely durable and stiff. The fit and finish is excellent, better than you’ll find with most fiberglass stocks. The designs work really well when shot from bipod, making the Manners T-Series stocks (T, T1, T2, T3, T4, GAT, T50) ideal for tactical use. Jason reports: “These are extremely strong stocks. I really like the T 2/3/4 stocks. The T2 is my favorite. It features a McMillan A5-style front with an A3-style rear.”

Manner carbon fiber stocks

New Low-Profile ‘Fish Belly’ F-Class Stock
Jason was impressed with the new Manners F-Class stock. Tom says: “The shell is 100% carbon fiber with a molded-in action and barrel area. This design features a very long, stiff fore-end. From the back of the action to the tip of the fore-end the stock measures 27″ long which is around 7 1/2″ longer than our T4 stock.” The idea is to provide a “longer wheelbase” to better balance the long, 30-32″ barrels favored by many F-Class competitors. The front half of the fore-end is very thin (from top to bottom) to achieve a low profile on the bags. Much thought has gone into controlling fore-end flex. Manners’ design achieves greater vertical rigidity (less deflection under load) through an innovative “fish belly” design. The rounded undersection, like a canoe hull, strengthens the fore-end considerably.

Manners F-class stock

Manners F-class stock

Rimfire Stock for Tactical Cross-Training
Tom also had on display a new stock set up for the SAKO Quad switch-barrel rifle. Finished in “digital camo”, this stock has the “fit and feel” of Manners’ T-Series centerfire stocks. This lets you maintain the shooting position of your centerfire tactical stock when you switch to the SAKO Quad rimfire for low-cost training sessions.

Manners SAKO stock

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January 20th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: New AR Lower from Seekins Precision

Seekins Precision produces a wide variety of expertly-machined products such as scope rings, picatinny rails, and sling rails. Seekins products are priced competitively, but give up nothing in quality to some more expensive brands.

At SHOT 2009, Glen Seekins unveiled some cool, new products, including a new AR15 lower with many unique features. The Seekins SP223 lower features flutes on the magwell front face for improved grip, plus an enlarged triggerguard allowing use with gloves. The new lower takes standard milspec mags as well as MagPul P-Mags. It should be available in April 2009, with a price of about $350. Glen tells us that a Seekins AR upper design will follow “down the road.”

Seekins Precision AR15 lower

Seekins also announced new Remington 700 bottom metal. The Seekins R700 bottom metal assembly is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum allow — very tough stuff. The R700 is currently offered for .223 Rem, .308 (and other standard short action rounds), and .338 Lapua. A WSM version will be available soon. This bottom metal works with 5-round magazines, but Seekins will be offering 10-round .223 and .308 mags in the summer.

Seekins Precision AR15

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January 20th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Carb-Out & New Wipe-Out Formula

Jason interviewed Terry Paul of SharpShoot-R™ Precision Products. Terry is the inventor of the Wipe-Out brushless bore cleaner, Carb-Out carbon remover, and Patch-Out, a formulation that works like Wipe-Out but without the foam. This Editor has been using Wipe-Out for more than two years now, and I’m very happy with the results. While some barrels (and cartridge/bullet combos) DO need brushing, some wet patches and Wipe-Out every 40 rounds or so is all my Pac-Nor 3-groove 6BR barrel has needed to stay competitive for nearly 1000 rounds. That barrel has stayed clean with no brushing and there has been very little throat erosion.

Wipeout foam bore cleaner

Terry Paul announced that SharpShoot-R has improved the formulation of Wipe-Out. The foam cleaner is now 25% stronger than before. Wipe-Out is now sold with an applicator tube and chamber plug. This makes it easier to apply Wipe-Out from the breech. (However, in our tests, the hard plastic chamber plug worked well in a 6.5mm chamber, but was hard to seat in a .223 Rem chamber. We would rather see a longer, softer tip with an O-ring.)

Carb-Out is another SharpShoot-R product popular with Benchrest shooters. Terry revealed that Tony Boyer, the all-time BR Hall of Fame points leader, uses and endorses Carb-Out. Tony believes the product helps remove harmful carbon deposits while reducing the need for abrasives or aggressive brushing. Watch the Video below to learn more about Wipe-Out and Carb-Out.

YouTube Preview Image
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January 19th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: March 36-55 BR Scope + Revolutionary 1:10 Ratio Zooms

Kelbly’s rolled out a remarkable new March benchrest scope at SHOT 2009: a completely new 36-55x52mm zoom, quite unlike anything on the market. Produced by Japan’s DEON Optical, the design was inspired, in part, by suggestions from ace shooter Lou Murdica. Lou looked at the current benchrest disciplines, from point-blank (100/200) BR, all the way to the 1000-yard game. He found that most benchresters (both short-range and long-range) rarely dialed their scopes below 30-power, and most wanted more magnification than their current scopes offered, for times when the conditions were good. Lou asked DEON’s designers if they could build a high-quality BR scope with about a two-times zoom ratio. But he also wanted the reticle to be super-stable, so it didn’t move at all when adjusting the magnification.

Six months later, DEON (March) sent Lou a prototype. It was very different that other scopes on the market because the zoom function is done in the eyepiece — similar to a spotting scope. In fact DEON dubbed the new scoped the “EP” zoom, with the “EP” referring to “eye piece”. Lou has tested the new March 36-55X and he says “The cross-hair absolutely doesn’t move when you zoom because everything is taking place behind the cross-hairs at the eyepiece. For a benchrest shooter this is a BIG deal — if you don’t like the mirage, you can change from 55 power to 36 power in the middle of your group, and know that point of impact will not change.” The other great feature of the scope is the near-constant eye relief — it changes only about 1/2″ from 36 power to full 55X magnification. Lou says, “you can zoom through the entire range and barely need to move your head at all.” Lou has worked with all the March BR scopes, from the early 40X through the lastest zooms. He feels that the new 36-55 may be the best yet for short-, medium-, and long-range benchrest shooters. As Lou explains: “It takes care of 100 to 1000-yard shooting with one scope. What more would you ever need?”

Click Here to download March 36-55×52 Spec Sheet.

Revolutionary March 1:10 Ratio Zooms Amaze Optics Experts
March pulled off a major coup at SHOT Show. The new March 1-10x35mm and 2.5-25x42mm zooms were the talk of the Show. This is the first time ANY major manufacturer has been able to achieve a 10 times zoom ratio. March’s booth was mobbed as engineers from other optics companies came to see how March “achieved the impossible”. And the optics guys had to fight past a line-up of military personnel — from the USA, Canada, Israel, and Germany. Lou Murdica was there and he reports: “Once word of these scopes hit the show’s Tactical area, March had more military and law enforcement people from the U.S. and other countries than you could imagine.”

March 1-10x35mm tactical scopeApparently, the U.S. Military has been asking domestic manufacturers to perfect a 1-10X zoom for years, and the response was always: “It can’t be done.” Well, starting from a blank page, the engineers at Japans’ DEON Optical Design Corp. (makers of the March), figured it out. For the military this is a HUGE technical breakthrough because a 1-power optic is ideal for close quarters combat (or house-clearing) while 10-power is a good setting for long-range sniper work. The two 1:10 ratio zooms both feature 1/4 MOA clicks, illuminated plex or MTR2 reticles, 30mm tubes, and a huge elevation range: 180 MOA for the 1-10×35 and 100 MOA for the 2.5-25×42. Both these scopes are slated for June 2009 deliveries. The 1-10×35 scope is expected to sell for $1500.00 while the 2.4-25×42 will cost about $2400.00.

We are told that David Tubb will be working on adapting a specialized long-range reticle for the 2.5-25×42. Representatives of the U.S. Navy SEALs showed great interest in the 2.5-25x42mm March. In addition to the two smaller tactical scopes, March displayed 5-32x52mm and 10-60x52mm tactical scopes. These feature 1/8-MOA clicks and an MTR1 reticle.

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January 19th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: Matt Emmons, U.S.A Olympic Shooter

27-year-old Matt Emmons has been one of the top American shooters in international Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle competition. Matt, a member of the U.S. Olympic Team, won a Silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in mens’ prone and won Gold at the Athens Olympics in the same event. He is a co-holder of the 50m rifle prone world record (600 points), and has been a multiple-event winner at the ISSF World Cup.

Matt Emmons Olympics shooter

In 2007, Matt married Czech shooter Katerina Kurkova. “Katy” earned fame as the winner of the first Gold Medal in the Beijing Olympics (see photo below). A husband and wife “dream team”, Matt and Katy are probably the most famous couple in the shooting sports. Matt is currently training for the 2012 Olympics. Wife Katy is now pregnant, but she’ll rejoin Matt in training after the baby’s born.

Jason Baney has a chance to talk with Matt at SHOT Show where Matt appeared on behalf of USA Shooting, the U.S. national governing body for Olympic Shooting Sports. Jason notes: “It was great to talk to Matt about shooting, though we practice very different disciplines. At 27 Matt is the same age as me, and we’ve both recently been married, so we had things in common. Matt is a very cool, humble down-to-earth guy.” If we can clear it with Matt’s sponsors, we’d love to have Matt test some match rifles for

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January 19th, 2009

SHOT Show Report: New RCBS Bullet Feeder for Progressives

RCBS makes a fine progressive press, the RCBS Pro 2000. This Editor owns one. I can tell you it is very solid, and the strip primer-feeding system has proven virtually fool-proof, something that can’t be said about some competitive progressive presses. I also believe the micrometer-equipped powder measure is superior to the Dillon alternative. Nonetheless, Dillon still dominates the progressive press market. One reason is that Dillon has long offered a reliable case-feeding system, and GSI International and Gaspari USA offer after-market bullet feeders for the Dillon 650 and 1050. Until now, with an RCBS Progressive, you needed to manually insert a bullet into each case. Well, at SHOT 2009, RCBS unveiled a new bullet-feeding system.

RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press

RCBS says its new automatic bullet-feeder will work with Dillon (blue) and Hornady (red) progressives as well as the RCBS 2000. The unit mounts to a sturdy vertical support, with a flexible tube that connects to the bullet-seating station. It looks well-designed, and during a demo by RCBS manager Kent Sakamoto, the bullet-feeding system worked flawlessly. Kent showed us the pistol-bullet feeder, but a second version for rifle bullets will be offered by mid-2009. The rifle-bullet feeder should be just the ticket for varminters who need to load large quantities of .223 Rem, 22-250, or .204 Ruger rounds. Sakamoto explained that the automatic bullet feeder can significantly boost your reloading output whether you have a blue, red, or green progressive press.

YouTube Preview Image
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