January 10th, 2011

Starrett KineScope — Precision 40X-140X Macro Video Camera

Kinescope Video CameraStarrett, maker of precision measuring tools, has released a very cool digital magnifier. The Starrett KineScope can be hooked up to your laptop or home computer to provide close-up views of gun parts, tool edges, bullet tips, sear surfaces — any small object you want to see in great detail. The KineScope offers 40x to 140x magnification, adjustable with a simple slider on the device. The KineScope connects to your computer’s USB port and VLink imaging software is included. Output resolution is 640×480 pixels.

The KineScope is basically a miniature digital video camera, with precision optics and built-in LED lighting. To use, simply place the KineScope over the object and view the image on your computer monitor. You can capture still images, video, even time-lapse sequences. The video below show how you can easily take precise measurements (including circular diameters). You can also draw lines or annotate the captured images with labels or time stamps. LINK: Kinescope Product Brochure (PDF).

YouTube Preview Image

KineScope for Measuring Benchrest Group Sizes?
With the ability to measure circles, the KineScope could be the ultimate group-size measuring instrument. Will benchrest scorers use such a device some day? It certainly would be more precise than the plastic scoring templates commonly used today. With 140X magnification on tap, the KineScope gives scorers the ability to measure shot holes with extreme precision. However, that precision doesn’t come cheap. Starrett’s KineScope retails for a whopping $831.25. (Source: Manson Tool & Supply.)

Credit Research Assistant Edlongrange for finding the Starrett KineScope.

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