January 24th, 2023

Radical Hydraulic Accu-Tac Bipod Seen at SHOT Show 2023

accu-tac hydraulic piston cylinder bipod SHOT Show 2023 gunsamerica digest

Here’s a radical new product from Accu-Tac — the first-ever Hydraulic Bipod. It works via a hydraulic piston in the top center of the bipod. The upper part of the piston attaches to a rifle’s fore-arm. The piston is connected via a hydraulic hose line to a remote cylinder with a red crank handle (dial) on top. When the shooter rotates the 4-pronged red dial this raises the rifle up/down slightly by moving the piston.

There is a full write-up GunsAmerica Digest (GAD) with more photos. GAD Reviewer Levi Sim explains:

“The big deal about this bipod is that red column under the rifle mount. It’s a piston that moves up and down with a dial that sits on the table.

This dial uses hydraulic pressure with oil in the hose to raise the rifle mount. Each 180° turn of the dial raises the piston 19mm. This precise adjustment should allow a shooter to make minute adjustments to the rifle’s elevation without shrugging their bodies around and should lead to greater precision.”

The new Accu-Tac Bipod has an adjustable leg spread which can extend to 27″. At the end of the legs are F-TR type skids that allow the rifle to slide back during recoil. These skids are bolted in place so it appears they do not rotate. This new bipod should be available for sale later in 2023 with an anticipated price around $800.00. SEE Other Accu-Tac Bipods.

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